One Day or Day One… YOU decide
        One Day or Day One. YOU decide   We all have lists of goals. Small ones. Big ones. Crazy ones. Yes we all have them, I’ve always wanted to be Garfield… View Full Post View Post

Strictly Summary: Pairing Up, The Strictly Curse & he came in on a glitter ball!
Yes, it’s that time of the year! If we don’t need any more confirmation that autumn is nearly here then boom Strictly Come Dancing 2018 has arrived. I hear you say what makes you qualified… View Full Post View Post

Planning my 21st Birthday party #brooke’s21st
Yes you read that right! I’m planning my own 21st birthday party! Am I crazy, yes. So, here is everything I have done to plan my 21st. Background Originally I didn’t want a 21st birthday… View Full Post View Post

People I am grateful for #brooke’s21st
I wouldn’t be the Brooke I am today without the amazing people surrounding me so today I want to mention just a few of them amazing people who deserve the recognition for making me the… View Full Post View Post

A letter from 20 year old me #brooke’s21st
To continue the run up before my 21st birthday I wanted to reflect on my life so far and write a letter to myself from 20 year old me. I was inspired to do so… View Full Post View Post