5 life lessons 7 rings has taught us all!

In my opinion Ariana is killing it with her songs and her 3rd single, 7 rings is no different. From the lyrics to the music video Ariana aint messing around! But, this song has resinated with me, I love the energy and messages. There are so many life lessons to be learnt from 7 rings and it is a power anthem for all the girl bosses out there. Because, if Ari can do it then so can you!

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Be Savage

Just because we are savage doesn’t mean we are harsh. It’s probably down to the fact that you have been through some rubbish like Ariana and that has led you to be how you are. But, you know what? There is nothing wrong with that! Be savage, cruel if you have to be it’s better than not saying the truth. Sometimes the truth hurts but instead of being sad it’s okay to turn them emotions into being brutal. Just don’t take it to the extreme!

Don’t be ashamed of buying things This is one of my favourite lessons. If you want to treat yourself now and again that’s fine! Buy yourself that expensive purse, of course as long as you have enough money to live off. As my favourite Youtuber’s Syd and Ell say if you have enough money to buy what you want twice then treat yourself! Don’t ever feel guilty for treating yourself. Because, if you didn’t treat yourself you wouldn’t have anything?

I will hold my hands up and say My name is Brooke and I’m addicted to shopping! Pretty sure I’m not the only one though? But, you know what there is nothing wrong with it. I honestly love walking around clothes shops browsing putting together outfits in my head. I just know when to stop now, well I like to think I do. Rearrange what a treat is. I used to see a treat as something really expensive like a holiday but now a treat to me is going out for a meal. I don’t mean like anywhere expensive just a meal that I haven’t cooked is a treat. Or maybe a trip to the cinema and if I’m pushing the boat out some movie snacks or two!

Spoil your friends

Obviously you don’t probably have the money Ariana has. I mean I’d love to splurge and buy all my girls matching tiffany rings like Ariana mentioned in 7 rings. A girl can wish am I right? But, you could still spoil your friends but on a smaller scale. Or in my case an extremely smaller scale. Maybe, a really thoughtful birthday present, a spa day, buy them a meal or surprise them with a handbag?

Sometimes, your friends are the people that are/will be with you through everything, the break ups, the dramas, the amazing times. These are the people that hopefully will be your rock as you grow up. So, treat them every now and then as a little thank you for being by your side. Obviously, they have chosen to be your friend for the rights reasons not because you’re flashing the cash. But acknowledge what they have done for you. There is nothing I love more then dropping my friends a random text here and there to see how they are doing or simply tell them thank you for being them.

Don’t be ashamed of being single

Take advantage! If you wan’t that his and hers sink but you are single who cares! As Ariana says in 7 rings, she is rocking a house with his and hers closets all to herself why can’t you rock being single too? Think of all the advantages! You only have to pay for one person when going out for a meal. I know I would take advantage of having the whole bed to myself for sure! People see being single as a negative thing but is it? There is no right and wrong. I’m pretty sure there is no if you are single that is wrong or if you are in a relationship that is wrong. You do you!

Look at all the successful people in the world that are single. They’re totally rocking it and succeeding, so what is stopping you? Now, there is nothing wrong with being in a relationship either but what I’m trying to say is there is nothing to be ashamed of if you are single! Use the time whilst being single to learn about yourself, who you are and develop as a person. This is your time to define yourself and be who you want to be!

Don’t care what anyone else thinks of you!

If Ariana took to heart every trolls comments then she would probably be in one very dark place. Instead she turns that negativity into energy and comes back with amazing songs like this. You know what? You should do the same! Maybe not the come back with amazing songs unless your super talented and can sing. I mean, don’t let people’s negative comments pull you down. Turn them negative comments into energy and strive to prove them people wrong! You’re not a puppet so, you’re going to be different.

There is nothing wrong with being a puppet. But, come on cut them strings and be YOU! How boring would it be if the world was just full of Barbara’s. Everyone was exactly the same. I know, it send a shiver down my spine just thinking about it too! This world needs individuals to pave the way, starting with you.

Ariana has stuck by her signature pony tail regardless of all the negative comments. But, her pony tail is what she is. It is how she defines herself. If you ask yourself how you define Ariana, you’d probably mention her signature hairstyle. Plus the fact she made this clearly obvious in one of the scenes of 7 rings music video having her signature pony trailing down the stairs to over exaggerate it I just love!

7 rings has a hell of a lot of messages in it from the video itself to the lyrics. I know I have taken a lot of lessons from it and can’t wait to see what Ariana releases next. What lessons have you taken away from it?

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