15 Facts about ME you didn’t know!

I’ve only just come to the realisation that I haven’t really introduced myself on my blog. Firstly you guys know my name but not much about me. So I thought why don’t I share 15 facts about myself so you guys can get to know me and I can get to know all of you.

15 Facts about me:-

  1. I’m 19 years old
  2. I’m currently at university and about to start my second year
  3. I have one sibling (sister)
  4. I have a YouTube channel & Vlog channel
  5. Makeup is a passion of mine (although I’m not very good at it, I wish I was though)
  6. I have two dogs and two guinea pigs
  7. I live in my own flat with my boyfriend
  8. I’m in a relationship
  9. I love to read crime novels in my spare time (James Patterson’s in particular)
  10. I have seriously curly hair (I mean check out the photo of me for proof, it’s really curly)
  11. As well as attending uni, I have a part-time job, do youtube and blogging (I like to keep myself busy and always stay more organised when I am).
  12. My favourite app is Twitter and I’ve made so many friends through it that are fellow bloggers and youtubers such as Kerry Lynne, Samantha (SAMBAAAA_ ), ¬†Sophie (socialinfluencee). Twitter is an amazing platform for connecting with others. Such as the Influencer RT ¬†an amazing page set up by Sophie and run by 8 bloggers, the page is a positive page and supports both the blogging and YouTube community so definitely go and check them out and share some love and positivity.
  13. I love exploring new places and countries. Which sometimes can be hard as I suffer from anxiety and struggle the most in new places but at the same time I love it.
  14. My favourite colour is Khaki, I’m obsessed with the colour, the majority of my clothes are khaki it’s just a lovely colour that matches with almost everything and looks gorgeous.
  15. Last fact is I see myself as a positive person, I try to see the positive side of everything. I try to avoid any negativity that I don’t need. I’d like to try and be more positive and share that on my twitter. Using that platform to help others too.

I hope this has helped you guys get to know me more? Please comment some facts about yourself too as I would love to get to know you guys and chat.


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