2018 Blogging and YouTube Goals

Hello 2018! Yes we are not far into 2018 and it has already thrown a couple of challenges my way. But I’m sorry to inform you 2018 but I have my positive pants on and I’m going to give this year my best shot at everything. I have enjoyed the first week of January trying to relax, catching up on blog posts and YouTube subscriptions. But, boy am I ready to get back into the full swing of university, blogging and YouTube. I know most of my family think I am crazy. They are doubting the fact that I can achieve and effectively manage all of these goals. But, I am one determined person. So, here are my blogging and YouTube Goals for 2018…

2018 Goals

Goal One

My first Blogging and YouTube Goals is upload regularly. Often when faced with a lot of work I either give up or try to cut down my work load by ignoring something. In 2017 I often neglected my blog and YouTube during stressful and busy times. But, I am eager to stay on top of all of my commitments and organise myself a little better. So, that I can upload to my YouTube and Blog at least once a week. (Future Brooke, I hope you are reading this goal and have smashed it and not given up like you normally do!)

Goal Two 

Take part in more Blogger chats, Twitter is an amazing social media platform for Bloggers. I have made so many new friends through it. Over the past half a year I have also found a lot of Blogger groups that not only host blogger chats but support Blogger’s work. Some of my favourite groups have to be Influencer RT, Bee Chat, GRLPOWR Chat and The Blogger Crowd. I did participate in quite a few chats in 2017. However, I would love to be a part of more and meet more bloggers through it.

Goal Three

Engage More. It is quite easy when blogging and doing YouTube to be so consumed in producing blog posts and videos. You forget the other side which is supporting others. I feel like this is a big aim for me. I’ve already started reading more posts, watching more videos, commenting and supporting as many bloggers as I can.

Goal Four

Increase my DA. If you are reading this and thinking what the heck is DA then do not worry. If you’d of asked me a couple of months ago I would of thought it was some sort of slang. But, no DA actually means Domain Authority. I have done quite a bit of research and read quite a few helpful posts such as Chloe Alice Lily’s, which actually simplify what Domain Authority is and how you can improve it. Over the past few months I have managed to improve mine to 1. Which in the greater scale isn’t out of this world. It is only a small improvement but for little old me, who wasn’t actively trying to improve it, it’s pretty great.

Goal Five 

A massive YouTube Goals is to improve my photography. Along with this my thumbnails for my YouTube videos. I’m always looking at ways to improve both my Blog and YouTube Channel. The one thing I can develop is my photography skills. I am quite impatient and often take the one picture approach. However, I am learning that it takes time and with time comes better quality pictures. I have already invested in a camera remote to improve the quality of my thumbnail pictures. Before they were blurry due to the fact I couldn’t focus the camera from behind and take the picture sat down at the same time. Hopefully, this new gadget will be the answer to my blurry thumbnails. At the end of this year I can hopefully look back and have some thumbnails to be proud of!

What are you Blogging or YouTube Goals for 2018? Don’t forget to follow my blog to see what 2018 brings!

Brooke x

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