21 facts you didn’t know about me #brooke’s21st

21 facts you didn't know about me

It is less than a week until I officially turn 21! Yes, that’s right 21! So, I thought what better way for you to get to know me than share 21 facts you didn’t know about me. I do share quite a bit of my life publicly on my blog and YouTube channel but, I also like to keep parts of my life private.

21 facts you didn't know about me

Fact One

My least favourite task is washing my hair as it is naturally curly so it takes ages to brush as is a task in itself. The only hair brush that will actually brush through it is a Tangle teezer which is a holy grail product for me!


Fact Two

Autumn is my favourite season, the orange leaves the weather is starting to get cold so you want to be cosy. It would be closely followed by Winter as I love Christmas so much but there’s just something about Autumn that you can’t beat!


Fact Three

I love animals but I am scared of 4 animals. Sharks, I’ve always been petrified of them to the point where I don’t like going in the sea. I also hate snakes, they make my skin crawl. Horses, I think it’s because they are a lot bigger than me (I’m only short). Finally, cats I’m sorry all the cat lovers out there. I’m sure there are some lovely cats out there but I’ve had so many bad experiences being bit by unknown cats that I’m scared although I will now stroke cats if I see them.


Fact Four

My name is a little unusual so growing up I never really had a nickname at school. However, my close family did call me Brookie Cookie. I guess it isn’t technically a nick name as it’s longer than my real name. I was also called Boo by my parents which they still call me to this day.


Fact Five

My biggest regret in life is not telling the people closest to me that I love them enough.


Fact Six

I am scared of growing up! Literally like the lost boys from Peter Pan, growing up is something I’m scared of because I hate the fact I don’t know what the future holds.


Fact Seven

My worst habit is biting my nails when I’m stressed or nervous. As a child I always bit my nails and they looked awful. As an adult I’m now trying to stop this however, sometimes when I get stressed I bit them off which is so frustrating.


Fact Eight

I stress about stress before there is anything to stress about! I’m a stressaholic and I’ll openly admit that! This is something I am actively working on.


Fact Nine

One of my future goals when I own my own house is to have rose gold wire basket full of lush bath bombs. No don’t ask me why I’ve just always wanted this!


Fact Ten

I adore cosy days sitting watching a film eating snacks (mostly unhealthy snacks).


Fact Eleven

I am a self-proclaimed cake connoisseur! I love cake, like LOVE! Any type of cake except fruit ones, fruit in my opinion shouldn’t be inside cake and carrot cake I just can’t like sorry!


Fact Twelve

The one thing I can’t bake is brownies no matter how many different recipes I try they never come out right!


Fact Thirteen

I only had my first Indian meal 2 and a half years ago when I met my boyfriend. Before, that I’d never tried any Indian food! I’m now obsessed and love Chicken Korma, Rice and Naan Bread.


Fact Fourteen

If I could be a Disney princess I would be Belle 100%! A) she has brown hair like me but I just think her personality is so down to earth and we both share a love for books. Before, I attended uni I used to read so much but since at uni, I spend most of my time reading my uni books.


Fact Fifteen

I love crackers to snack on. I could just eat them continuously. Especially, Ritz crackers there is something about them that is like a blessing to the world.


Fact Sixteen

I definitely need to take better care of my skin, I often forget to moisturise!


Fact Seventeen

I love surprises on other people but not myself. Partly because I’m so nosy and love to know everything that is going on. I haven’t been surprised since I was a child were my parents took us on holiday and we had no clue until we turned up, we thought we were going for a drive!


Fact Eighteen

Sweets over savoury any day. I have the biggest sweet tooth, I literally care chocolate, sweets and cake on a daily basis.


Fact Twenty

My current boyfriend is my first boyfriend. I was never interested in relationships and having a boyfriend growing up. I always had my head in a book or doing work.


Fact Twenty One (the most scandalous one of all)

My dream job would be full-time blogging and YouTube! But, the reality is at the minute my future career looks like possibly teaching.


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Brooke x


2 thoughts on “21 facts you didn’t know about me #brooke’s21st

  1. I love ritz crackers too. When my grandparents buy them I’m pretty sure i eat like half the box 🙈. Loved reading….happy early birthday! 💕


    1. They are sooo good! I rarely have them anymore but when I do I eat the whole box in a sitting I just can’t help myself x

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