50 ways to inspire you to take a break!

Everyone needs to take a break sometimes! Our lives are so busy we often become engulfed and forget one of the most important things…


So, it’s about time you took a break from life! I know that sounds crazy but you don’t need to take days off I mean a little break that can be as short or as long as you want. These are ideas that are accessible to most people and don’t cost a fortune. I mean I’m sure you would love to go away on an all inclusive holiday like myself but let’s be honest we don’t have that kind of money sitting in our bank accounts. So here are 50 more realistic ideas to inspire you to take a break!

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50 ways to take a break

Idea One

Take a bath or shower (depending on what you have). This can be a short, quick bath/shower. Or if you fancy a little pamper session you could spend a bit of time indulging your skin!

Idea Two

Go for a walk. Sometimes, you just need a bit of fresh air. Nowadays, most of us spend the majority of our time cooped up inside. So, get outside and enjoy the nature and fresh air!

Idea Three

Listen to some music. This is one of my personal favourites! Whack on your favourite playlist and dance like nobody is watching. I think I’m a professional dancer when I’m having a good old boogy. But, to anyone who sees me through my window I probably look crazy!

Idea Four

Hide/turn off all electrical and have some down time. Yes, that sounds terrifying, no social media! But, just having some time away from the online world will make such a difference.

Idea Five

Play a board game. Wow, can you even remember what that was like? I often forget board games exist. But, a quality game like Monopoly always brings out the fun and excitement.

Idea Six

Write a list of everything you are grateful for! There is so much in life to be grateful for and by writing all of them down you will appreciate all the great things in your life!

Idea Seven

Watch a film. The genre is your choice. Feel like you need a good old cry, maybe a rom com or fancy laughing your socks off a comedy. Or, if you’re that person that loves to scare yourself to death a horror.

Idea Eight

Buy yourself something. Not something crazy unless you want to. But, treat yourself to something whether thats a new top or some makeup.

Idea Nine

Read a book. There is nothing better than being full consumed by a book. The outside world disappears and for that time you are part of the book.

Idea Ten

Pet an animal. Obviously not a wild beast! I wouldn’t try petting your local parks squirrel. But, if you have a pet spend some time stroking them or you could go for a walk and ask random people if you could stroke their dog. I for one are guilty for this wherever I go, you bet if there is a dog I’ll ask to stroke it!

Idea 11

Do one good deed. Maybe hold a door open for someone, give some food to someone who is homeless or simply do the washing for your parents. That one small deed may mean the world to someone else.

Idea 12

Write a list of goals and achievements. This way you can visually see what you want to achieve.

Idea 13

Try a new food. I’m always discovering food I never knew existed and finding new favourites.

Idea 14

Take a nap. Everyone loves a nap!

Idea 15

People watch. If you’ve got a window, or sat in public just watch people as they pass. I love to guess what people do, where do the live, what job do they have?

Idea 16

Whack on a face mask! Boys, you can too. So, many times I’ve heard boys say “I’m not putting a face mask on, that’s a girl thing”. Well, you don’t know what you’re missing lads!

Idea 17

Tell a loved one how much they mean to you!

Idea 18

Go through old pictures. Whether that’s a photo album if you’re old school like me or for them newer generations who have all their photos on facebook go through and reminisce.

Idea 19

Stargaze. We are so engulfed by life we don’t take time to sit and just take in the world around us.

Idea 20

Start a new tv show. Or if you’re like me binge watch it in one day because you get so obsessed and no matter if the show is good or not you need to know what happens in the end!

Idea 21

Sit and enjoy a drink. This could be alcoholic or non-alcoholic. I love sitting with a drink normally either a hot chocolate or on the very rare occasion a porn star martini and just talking about anything and everything.

Idea 22

Phone a friend or family member and have a good catch up. I’m sure there is some gossip or event that you need to tell them about!

Idea 23

Start up a new hobby. No, not like sky diving or anything crazy unless that is your thing. It could be cross stitching, paper crafts or yoga.

Idea 24

Explore somewhere new. No matter where you live there is some area or place undiscovered. Go out and explore, find a new cafe, walk or even a new shop!

Idea 25

Go to the cinema. Everyone likes the cinema especially the popcorn am I right?!

Idea 26

Spend some quality time with your loved ones. Even if that is simply going and sitting at your nan and talking to her.

Idea 27

Tell yourself 5 things you love about you!

Idea 28

Find some inspiring quotes!

Ideas 29

Practice being mindful/meditating and work on your self-awareness and self-care.

Idea 30

Do nothing. Have no plans and see what the day has for you!

Idea 31

Go out for a meal and sit and talk. No phone allowed! I always find this so hard to create conversation and even though me and my boyfriend have been together 3 years we always discover something new about each other when we do this!

Idea 32

Exercise. The word I dread! I mean a bit of light exercise interpret that how you want. For me that would probably be walking up the stairs to my flat.

Idea 33

Buy some flowers. I never buy them as I see them as a cost that is necessary but when I feel I need a treat I love buying some flowers it just brightens the flat. Plus they make great blogging props too.

Idea 34

Write a positive thing that has happened every day.

Idea 35

Move twice as slow as normal. We live in such a fast place world. So, try to be twice as slow as you normally are.

Idea 36

Rant. When I need to take a break (usually when writing my assignments) but know I don’t really have the time to. I love to just have a little rant to whoever is near me or if I’m alone myself.

Idea 37

Have a day in bed. Most people love sleep but in reality we don’t get enough time to spend in our bed. So spend the day in bed, watch films, hibernate.

Idea 38

I may be 21 but I still love a dot to dot especially them really small ones that take so long to complete. It just feels like a really big achievement. If dot to dots aren’t your thing what about an adult colouring book?

Idea 39

Baking. I love anything sweet so as you can imagine baking is my thing. I also love cake so if I have the time to then I definitly will!

Idea 40

If money is no object for you then I definitely recommend going on holiday. But if you can’t afford to then you could always go camping. I love camping as long as the weather isn’t horrendous. I’ve been there in the freezing cold, rain lashing o the tent and the wind howling all night. It isn’t pleasant. But, I’ve also had amazing times camping in the sunny weather exploring.

Idea 41

Paint your nails. I’d love to get a manicure every week but I can’t afford that. But, I do love taking some time to sit and paint my nails and wait for them to dry.

Idea 42

Have a goof around. I love just messing around. Whether that’s singing to myself around the flat. Or dancing because I think I’m a professional dancer but if you actually saw me I’m 100% not.

Idea 43

Make a photo collage. I love making a photo collage of my favourite quotes and pictures to remind me of everything good that I have achieved or want to.

Idea 44

Visit somewhere new in your town. Let’s be honest we may live somewhere but we haven’t actually explored it.

Idea 45

Go through your wardrobe and have a purge. I’m obsessed with cleaning out my wardrobe and going through what fits me and doesn’t. More than half doesn’t and I need to just throw it away.

Idea 46

Try following a YouTube tutorial. It could be a DIY, makeup or a Bob Ross painting tutorial. Whatever takes your fancy!

Idea 47

Procrastinate. If I’m taking a break it is more than likely I’m procrastinating and trying to avoid something!

Idea 48

Day trip! I love going on day trips. Whether it’s the zoo, shopping or to the seaside count me in!

Idea 49

When I really want to have a break but don’t have a load of time I like to pick a new lock screen. I love flicking through all my pictures to pick one. There is just something about changing my lock screen to how I’m feeling that motivates me.

Idea 50

Have some food, maybe a meal or some cake and enjoy it!

I hope these 50 ways to take a break inspired you? Let me know what your favourite way to take a break is! This post was inspired by this picture.

50 ways to take a break

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