Coping with anxiety 8 tips- Grounding Techniques

I’ve always been honest about my mental health journey and a part of that is my anxiety. Today I wanted to share 8 tips for coping with anxiety. Now, these are techniques that help ME. I’m in no way saying these will help everyone they are simply some techniques that help my anxiety that I thought I would share in the hope that they may help someone else! If you would like to see another website for tips on coping with anxiety then click HERE  to see Mind who provide support, help and empower those those experiencing mental health problems.


8 tips for coping with anxiety 


Coping with anxiety: Tip 1- Situate yourself

When I’m having an anxiety attack I like to situate myself. If I’m out in public I usually take myself to the bathroom and if it is clean and possible I like to have my feet at least touching the floor. Whether that’s with or without shoes doesn’t matter. If I’m at home then I like to sit on the floor so that both my hands and feet are making contact with the ground. This helps me feel grounded, I know that the floor is there to support me and I’m stable.


Coping with anxiety: Tip 2- Breathing

I find when I panic my breathing pattern changes and sometimes I struggle to keep my breathing regular. A trick my mum taught me is to slowly breath in for 5 seconds and then slowly exhale and count each second in your head. This helps to calm your breathing but also focus your mind.


Coping with anxiety: Tip 3- Repeat

I like to repeat my breathing until I feel in control of it.


Coping with anxiety: Tip 4- See

Next, I like to tell myself what I can see around me. Whether that’s out loud or in my head. This helps to distract my mind and give me a focus.


Coping with anxiety: Tip 5- Feel

I also like to feel objects around me whether that’s the cold wall, the uneven floor or something else. This allows me a chance to focus on the environment I’m in.


Coping with anxiety: Tip 6- Smell

Now, sometimes they may not be a distinct smell but you may smell some food or bathroom cleaner.


Coping with anxiety: Tip 7- Taste

What can you taste, have you just eaten and can you slightly taste that or can you just taste the saliva in your mouth.


Coping with anxiety: Tip 8- Hear

Can you hear anything, is it silent, is there a buzzing, can you hear people talking?


I find that all of these steps help to ground me and make me feel less anxious. I hope that these techniques will help you and I’ve even made a little picture for you to save to your phone so if you are in the situation you can try these techniques and see if they help you! Also, feel free to pin this picture or share it on any social media or instagram stories. Fancy reading more Mental Health related posts? Click HERE.

Coping with anxiety Grounding techniques


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