A day in my life || Blogtober Day Nineteen

A day in my life The biggest leaf

A little late but I here is tonight’s post sharing A day in my life. My crazy, sometimes hectic but amazing life! Today was a little different as I wasn’t in university and have spent the day with my mum.


It started

Today actually started at 8:30am for me which was a nice lay in. Usually, I’m up earlier for university or when I stay at my parents but it was a well needed lay in. Once up, I had a bowl of Shredded Wheat with some sugar on top because I have a sweet tooth and needed it. I then relaxed and leisurely got ready.



We decide to go for a little walk around a local park which was amazing. The trees were gorgeous and we were surrounded by orange, brown and green crunchy leaves. I even found what I think may be a contender for the biggest leaf it was massive (like bigger than my hand massive!)

A day in my life The biggest leaf

After a lovely walk, although I was panting and gasping for breath (a little unfit I am) we arrived at our lunch destination. Today we tried the White Bull at Cannon Hall Farm. First impressions the decor was very rustic, clean and lovely. The food menu was the perfect kind of menu for a lunch time snack. I ordered the club sandwich which was on par with Betty’s Tea Room for the best club sandwich. From the bread to the fresh and quality food. Even the handmade chips I had were AMAZING even though my mum covered them in vinegar literally drowned them!

A day in my life The best club sandwich

Pumpkin Picking

After a bit of persuading my dad took me and my sister to buy pumpkins. Well, my mum is the sensible one who always opts for the small pumpkins. Me on the other hand the bigger the better. And, I guess Morrisons didn’t help as I found their Rambo pumpkins. Let me just tell you this pumpkin has a sticker on it telling you to get a staff member to lift it because it is that big and heavy. Of course, I came home with one Rambo pumpkin, one ghost pumpkin and two small orange pumpkins because one just isn’t enough right?

A day in my life Rambo pumpkin


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