A letter from 20 year old me #brooke’s21st

A letter from 20 year old me

To continue the run up before my 21st birthday I wanted to reflect on my life so far and write a letter to myself from 20 year old me. I was inspired to do so by Soph who wrote the first letter too post. I want to write this letter so that in the future I can look back and read what my life was like.

A letter from 20 year old me

Dear me,


Wow, you’re nearly 21! I can’t quite believe it. 21 years worth of life. You’ve learnt so much. First of all you should be proud of where you are in life. A) you’re at university and B) you’re living in your own flat with Matt for the 3rd year running.


At the moment, you’re stressed about organising your 21st because you stress about stress before theres anything to even stress about. But, you’re 21st is going to be the party you’ve always imagined and I know you’re going to love it so much! It is literally the dream party like the ones you see on Pinterest and can only dream of!


If there is anything I’ve learnt in 21 years of life it is that life will through curve balls at you but you are a strong person and can deal with anything it throws at you. You’ve had so many challenges but you’re still here to tell your story and remember it is all worth it.


You’ve made so many amazing friends this past year from blogging and you’ve even got yourself involved in Influencer RT.  You’re pushing yourself to do things that you wouldn’t of done before. And how much better do you feel for it.  You have come out of your comfort zone and from it you have made so many new friends. You have also found something that you love. I know how much it means to you to feel part of an amazing community. I know when you set up this blog you wanted to help others and as much as I hate blowing my own trumpet, so far I have helped some people.


So future Brooke just remember when you read this, you are an amazing person! You have the ability to challenge the world!


Love you

Brooke x



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  1. I love that your 20 year old self is so motivating to your 21 year old self. Even though we don’t know what will exactly happen in a certain amount of time from now, the best we can do is guess and try to steer ourselves towards that path. Thanks for sharing this letter!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

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