A letter to myself || Blogtober Day Sixteen

Wow, I can’t believe I’m over two weeks into Blogtober! Let’s hope I can continue this. Today I wanted to get more personal and continue with the little series A letter to which I was inspired to do by Soph.


Dear me,

I can’t quite believe that it’s nearly Christmas! Before we know it 2018 will be over. Now, I understand how hard this year has been for you. Your mental health struggles at the beginning of the year and completing your second year of uni. But, look at you! You’ve got another part time job, you’ve started your 3rd year of uni and had another two tattoos.


You set yourself the challenge of completing Blogtober. Now, last year you attempted Blogmas and that didn’t go to plan. I’m really hoping that you can finish Blogtober and prove to yourself you can do blogging! I know this past summer the reality of finishing uni has set in and you’ve realised your dreams of doing blogging and YouTube full time may not be the reality. Instead they may have to stop so you can pursue work. But for now, you’re putting your heart and soul into this and having the best time.


The opportunities that have happened recently thanks to your blog are amazing. To say you’re just an ordinary girl from South Yorkshire who doesn’t have a particularly interesting life you sure are doing something with it.


Soon you will be celebrating your auntie’s 40th birthday. This will be hard for you as it will be 4 years since she passed away. The one thing I want you to remember is she would be so proud of the woman you are becoming. She will be looking down on you and astounded by everything you have achieved because she told you, you could do anything. I know at the time you didn’t believe her but look at you now!


Stop stressing about everything! I mean it. By stressing that isn’t going to help anything it’s just going to waste your time! Try to relax more and have fun because you only have one life and you’re not going to get the time back you’ve spent stressing.


Most importantly be proud of who you are, because you are pretty f*@king awesome!

Love ya



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