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Once again, I’ve been out having Afternoon Tea. If you don’t know me, this is one of my favourite things. But, as always I feel like you need an excuse to go to afternoon tea. Well, I had an excuse! It was recently my boyfriends mum’s birthday so we surprised her at a local garden centre. We had never been here before just heard it was nice. As self proclaimed Afternoon Tea connoisseurs our standards were high (except from Matt who would eat anything other than tuna). To be honest this did not fail.

Afternoon Tea

As much as I love afternoon tea, I’m also a little funny about where we go for it. I don’t eat salmon and most feature it. However, the garden centre we went too were very accommodating and let me change my choice of sandwiches to suit me. Let me just tell you this afternoon tea did not disappoint. It is one of the best I’ve ever had! (And I’ve had quite a few)

From the presentation, to the quality of the bread, to the flavour. It was just outstanding.


My afternoon tea consisted of Tuna and Ham sandwiches with a slice of pork pie. For dessert I had a combination of scone with fresh cream, homemade jam and strawberries, chocolate brownie slice, Bakewell tart and a raspberry and passion fruit coole stuffed meringue. I am 100% a dessert person! I live for some cake or sweet item. So, as you can imagine, when I saw the plate of these desserts I couldn’t believe my eyes. You bet I ate all of them even though I was stuffed from the sandwiches. Obviously, you can’t just leave these beautiful desserts, you have to eat them.

Have you ever had afternoon tea before?

Brooke x

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