So I recently purchased the newest additions to Tanya Burr’s Cosmetic range. I have been a fan of Tanya for quite a few years now after discovering her through youtube. However, when she announced she was launching her own cosmetic brand I was a bit sceptical about the products and how they would compare to others within the beauty industry.

After hearing many good reviews I thought I would try out some of her new additions to her existing cosmetic line. I picked up three items; the cheek illuminator, contour stick and illuminating powder. First of all I have to say just on appearance I would rate the products a 10/10. The packaging is a mix of silver, gold and rose gold which is visually pleasing and looks elegant and classy. However, I thought the only way to really know how pigmented and effective each product was, would be to test them. 

Cheek illuminator

The first product the cheek illuminator has a creamy consistency which is very similar to the Benefit Watts up. It is pigmented and gives a gorgeous natural sheen to the cheek bone. Creating an effortless highlight that is stunning when the light hits your face. I would recommend applying this product with your finger. As the creamy consistency can move products you have already applied when gliding the stick along your face.

 Contour Stick

The contour stick was the product I was most scared of. As I am pale but also have never owned a cream contour and saw it as something very risky and daunting. However, from one use I am already in love with this product! The consistency once again is creamy and glides on the skin and the shade (Light/Medium) is amazing for people of a paler skin colour. The contour did not look harsh or muddy as I expected.

But created a natural hollowed out effect on my cheekbone and created a beautiful structure to my face. I’ve experimented with how much product is needed and found, drawing a line closely under your cheek bones and then three dots along your temple/forehead creates a natural contour which can be easily built up for a more dramatic look. To blend this product in I used the Real Techniques contour brush which was amazing at seamlessly blending the product into my skin and avoided the contour looking muddy/gathering in one area.

 Illuminating Powder

Lastly, the illuminating powder which is described as a product that adds a subtle flush to the cheeks as well as illuminating. This product is super pigmented and requires a tiny bit when applying. The colour is lovely and creates exactly what it says, a lovely flush of pink that has highlighting values as well. This product can be used as a blush or highlight as the product is extremely pigmented, so a little bit goes a long way. The packaging of this product is slim, which makes it easy to slide into your makeup bag. Tanya also has three other shades of illuminating powder, a bronze colour which could be used as a bronzer or eyeshadow and a beautiful champagne highlighting colour.


Overall, I love all of the Tanya Burr Cosmetic products I have tried. I would highly recommend you to try them out. From the sleek and stylish packaging to the super pigmented products. These makeup pieces are staples especially for summer to create that perfect summer glow. I love how the packaging is easy to take when travelling. From the contour and illuminating stick which is perfect for slipping into your makeup bag. Compared to a contour palette. The illuminating powder is slim which is perfect for fitting into a crowded makeup bag.

Let me know if you have tried any of Tanya’s products?

– Brooke-

4 thoughts on “ARE THEY WORTH THE HYPE?Tanya Burr Cosmetic

  1. I might try some of Tanya’s product now. Well done on your first blog post. You’re a natural at blogging. Look forward to seeing your blogging journey. X

    1. Thank you, so much!💖 I live for the contour stick!🙌🏻 I tried a powder contour today and I disliked it so much😂 It’s changed my life for the better💁🏻

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