Are we like doughnuts? || Blogtober Day Twenty One

Are we like doughnuts? I hear you say! Well, today I’m going to talk about being ourselves whilst blogging and explain why the hell that relates to doughnuts!


We’re all different

If you were to look at say five or six blogs they would all have different blog posts on. Some may have similar topics say, beauty or mental health. But the content will be unique to that blog. Pretty much like doughnuts. There is a wide variety of doughnuts, cookies and creams, hundreds and thousands or custard. But, there is some similar such as ring doughnuts or filled doughnuts. I know you’re questioning how does this relate to blogging Brooke? Well, what I’m trying to get across is that everyones blog will feature different content and that’s okay. The great thing about blogging is I know there is a blog out their that features every niche possible. If I’m looking for travel inspiration I’ll go to a different blog to one that focuses on mental health. That’s what I love about blogging every blog is unique and different!

Are we like donuts?

Some doughnuts taste good some don’t…

Like everything not everyone within the blogging world has the right intentions. For me blogging is a outlet, a little space on the internet that’s mine. I’m not saying there is a right or a wrong reason for why you chose to blog but some blogs just don’t taste good if you understand me. Whether that’s because they’re plagiarising and copying their work from other blogs or websites.


Blogging is a way to be our own doughnut!

Through blogging I can be the person I want to be. I share my mental health journey, student life and random rubbish. But, blogging is the way I can be who I want to be. I’m not the most confident person in the world and sometimes I find it easier to share my struggles on my blog than to people in person and without blogging I wouldn’t have that outlet.


We’re all doughnuts

So, I’m referring to the blogging community as doughnuts from now on. We may be different flavours, different toppings or different shapes. But, we are all connected in some way through blogging.

Are we like donuts?

Lastly, I can’t talk all about doughnuts and not acknowledge which doughnut I would be. I think I’d definitely be a Lotus Biscuit doughnut, sweet and crunchy. A bit like myself, a tad crazy but sweet and kind.

What doughnut do you think you are?


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