Are we obsessed with Makeup? || Blogtober Day 20

Well are you? I know myself that I can get obsessed with makeup but Are we obsessed with Makeup? Is it something instilled in us that we need to wear makeup or is it a choice that makes us feel more comfortable? I’m going to explore the reasons behind why I wear makeup.

Are we obsessed with Makeup?

Constant Comparison

We live in a digital age, every social media app contains a multitude of images but to what extent are “real”.  Most images especially those of influential people feature some type of touching up whether that’s face tune or photoshop. But, how is that impacting us? I know growing up I compared myself to most celebrities and would admire their perfect skin, flawless eyeliner and beautiful hair. But, to what extent is their real beauty and what has been tweaked to meet this idea.


I imagine that once you start editing your pictures to the extent of changing your facial features, skin tone etc that it can become addictive to the point where you continue to edit your images to fit this ideal image you have in your head. But, what is the affect this is having on the people that see this photo?


What really is perfect

We all seem to be striving for this perfect ideal image but what actually is it. I’m pretty sure we will all have different ideas, something that I might want to change and perfect about myself you might not? So, why are we all striving to change the way we look to fit the perfect ideal image? Who created this idea that we all must have flawless skin, beautifully finished makeup and exquisite hair?

Are we obsessed with Makeup?

As I’m getting older, the more I realise that the perfect ideal image isn’t reachable nor do I need to achieve it. What is wrong with my imperfect skin, my sometimes uncontrollable hair and my bad makeup days? That is reality and what I have to say is take me as I am or not at all. Don’t get me wrong, of course I have insecure days where all I want to do is cover my imperfect skin with makeup and hide the fact that I wish I had flawless skin. In reality, I was made this way and my skin may improve but it’s something I need to learn to embrace.


Why do we rely on makeup?

So, that leads me to makeup. For me makeup is something that enhances the way I look and makes me feel more comfortable and confident. But, should I feel that I need makeup to be confident? Surely I should feel like being me, the real me?!


I’m not trying to say we shouldn’t wear makeup because that would be hypocritical of me. But I know I certainly need to embrace my raw and real beauty. What are your makeup and editing pictures?


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