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My insta family will have seen that I recently changed my hair and by changed I mean chopped a lot off and changed colours. How this relates to Battle of the hair is the fact that I want to compare my two very different hairstyles and which I prefer. In the past my hair has been pretty long, ombre and curly. But, I decided I wanted to change it up for winter and in a spur of the moment I did it.


The Past

Battle of the hair the past

My hair for the past couple of years has been an ombre blonde look. Obviously the seamless blonde ombre didn’t really work with my naturally curly hair but I wanted it. I’m not going to lie I did enjoy having blonde hair although I found it so hard to maintain and even washing with purple shampoo never seemed to stop my hair from getting brassy.


The length of my hair here was kind of a stand because when I was younger I cut it all off into a pixie cut and ever since have dreamt of long hair. Due to that, I was scared to even have it slightly cut. As my hair is naturally this curly too most “typical” hairstyles don’t suit me. For example, I found a lovely hairstyle on Pinterest and asked a hair dresser to copy it on my hair but instead I got a very tragic hair style that resembled a massive poof triangle on my head. I loved this length but it was a PAIN to brush. The only brush that would ever brush through is a tangle teezer! These are literal gifts from God. Not only are their hairbrushes stylish but they brush through even the hardest of hairs and I swear by them. I’m even eyeing up one of their new marble collection ones. But, back to my hair, it was a nightmare to brush. It was always matted together and took a lot of maintenance.


There was a massive range of colours too in my hair from previous hair colours that were growing out. The blonde had also taken very nicely in some areas and gone a platinum colour but then in other areas a brassy orange colour. I think it was the fact that people would point out the many colours of my hair that made me want to change colour.


The initial idea

So, I didn’t intend on going short. My original idea was to dye my hair a darker colour for autumn/winter. Something that would easy to maintain and wouldn’t need re-colouring again anytime soon. I had chosen a dark brown colour in my head something with slight warmth to it that was a bit darker than my natural hair colour. But, just before I went to the hairdressers I found a hairstyle on Pinterest that I loved. Pinterest is so deadly for me!


My hair now…


And I guess that leads me to this…


My hair now is a lot darker than my original intentions but I love it. My biggest worry was that having dark hair would wash me out as I am pale and I 100% didn’t want to look like a ghost. But I actually love it so much! I’ve had so many compliments about the colour and it looks so much better than the range of brassy colours. The colour also took to my hair great even the blonde bits and is all one colour.


Now, onto length it is remarkably shorter. At first I remember looking in the mirror and thinking what have I done?! I’m not going to lie I hated it. the length was so short, I felt like I was missing all my hair. But after a couple of days and my hair fell I kind of liked it. As time has gone by my opinion has completely changed. I now LOVE my hair! It’s so much easier to wash and dry. Gone is the matted mess and the fight everyday to brush it my tangle teezer glides through it effortlessly. I’ve also loved having this top knot look which I would of never dared to try before. If I dare say I even feel a little bit stylish and down with the kids!


I’d love to hear what hairstyle/colour you prefer? I think I’m into my current style and colour more.



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  1. I was really engaged with this post. I was thinking about hairstyles etc. You look great with your new hairstyle! A fun and great post to read! 😊Xxx

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