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Hello, I hope you are doing okay? Today I have another post for my series Behind the Blogger. Today I am interviewing Abby from the blog for all that wander. Abby describes her blog as ‘Travel, Lifestyle and Mental Health’. Not only does Abby go away on some amazing holidays which she shares on her blog but she’s also a fellow Yorkshire gal! As normal, all of my questions will be in pink and Abby’s answers in black.

Abby Behind the blog

What is the meaning behind your blog?

‘For All That Wander’ is taken from Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolken (I admit, I’ve never read the books nor seen the film) but I once saw it one a notebook in a shop somewhere and it kind of
just stuck. I like to wander in terms of discovering new places, and my mind can wander from time to time, so it seemed apt for both a personal travel and mental health view for me.


What is your biggest regret in life?

I try not to see anything as a regret, things happen for a reason, and I review and learn from them. Once it’s done it’s done, you can’t undo it. We can take the experience and learn from it.


Name on thing you are grateful for

Having the freedom to travel.

What is your dream job and how does that compare to your job/were you are in life now?

I’m still in the whole ‘what do I want to be when I grow up’ stage. I still don’t fully not what I’d like to do. I’d love to do something with travel, naturally. But I wouldn’t want something I love to become a full time job. Maybe something in events or education. I organise events for our team at the moment, which I love to do, but I’d need to extend on my learning of event management to do
it as a complete job role.


Who is your biggest inspiration?

Probably my grandmother – she always stays smiling through everything and she’s such a positive person. The world could be falling down around her and she’d just get on with it.

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A massive thank you to Abby for taking part in this series! I hope this post has helped you to get to know who is behind for all the wander. Please check out Abby’s social medias too

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