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Hello, I hope you are well? Today I am interviewing the beautiful Frankie from the blog meet me by the sea. Firstly, if you don’t know who Frankie is then she is a Marketing and PR Executive. Her main role is to promote Cornwall and what it has to offer not only as her job but also on her blog. As always, my questions will be in pink and Frankie’s answers in black. I’m certainly excited to get to know Frankie and who really is behind meet me by the sea. 

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Why did you start blogging?

I’ve always loved writing and since starting university (5 years ago) I always tried to keep a blog alive. Over five years I had 4 different blogs with a main focus around lifestyle and fashion. In November 2017, I started a new job in Travel PR and Marketing for Cornwall’s tourist board, Visit Cornwall. I’m extremely lucky and have learnt so much about the beautiful county that I live in and have been able to spend so much more dedicated time exploring! My blog, Meet Me By The Sea is just a documentation of all of the adventures that I go on! From climbing down the side of cliffs to hidden beaches and staying at wonderful seaside hotels, I like to think that it’s a place where people can go for inspiration when visiting Cornwall.


Describe yourself in 3 words

Ahhh, this is always a tricky question! I’d have to say that I’m energetic– people always say that I am just constantly full of energy, even if I’m surviving off of a few hours sleep! I’m pretty ambitious– a few years ago I wanted to work in Fashion PR and I didn’t give up until I got there. It meant that I had move to London and complete a number of unpaid internships. I didn’t even enjoy it in the end! My number three would have to be spontaneous– I’m a get up and go kind of person. If money wasn’t an object I’d definitely be traveling around a different country with a bag on my back right now. Unfortunately, my limited funds is the only thing that’s stopping me.


What do you do in a normal day?

I work from Monday – Friday, so usually I’ll wake up far too late, rush around for an hour and then speed to work (oops). My day to day tasks normally include chatting to national journalists about how they can promote Cornwall – I’ll often organise a press trip for them to come and see Cornwall for themselves. It’s quite fun creating a itinerary for them but to be honest, I spend most of my time just dreaming that I could go on their trip! I also look after the Visit Cornwall social media channels so I often take a little bit of time out to keep an eye on those.

Some days I’ll go on meetings to different hotels and attractions in Cornwall – a perk of working in PR is that you get to spend a lot of time away from the office checking out new cool places – often I get to head to festivals and events to take photographs for social media, it’s a really fun job!


What is one place that you would like to travel to?

BALI!!!!!! I often scroll through Instagram looking for travel inspiration and Bali is one place that constantly pops up. Fingers crossed for next year!


Share a fact about yourself that you haven’t on your blog

Two years ago I was on a TV programme called “The Job Interview.” It’s basically the same set up as First Dates but it’s all about being interviewed for a job. At the time, my aim was to get into Fashion PR and the job in question was one that I was really interested in. I went to the interview and was filmed for the show. I actually ended up getting the job out of 200 people! Like I said before, the fashion industry wasn’t for me at all. Clothes just aren’t worth getting stressed over and travel is definitely much nicer!



Finally, thank you so much to Frankie for being part of this series. She has definitely persuaded me to travel to Cornwall! You can find Frankie here

View Cornwall


Instagram: frankiethomas

Blog: Meet Me By The Sea


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