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Firstly, thank you for continuing to read these posts and supporting this not so little series anymore! I am loving discovering new things about all of the bloggers included in this series. Today, I have Natonya from Just Natonya a blogger who describes herself as “a curvy petite girl in her bedroom creating fashion statements from her closet”. If you’re new to this series then don’t worry there is plenty more to read but as always my questions are in pink and Natonya’s answers will be in black.


Question One- What is the meaning behind your blog?

JustNatonya captures the essence of freedom, self-love and acceptance. Learning how to
embrace our differences but unite as one under the idea of being unique is the underlying
message I promote on my blog.
As a fashion enthusiast, it’s my job to help women identify their style through the favoring of
inner beauty and style finds as secondary. Being curvy petite has taught me to embrace my
body and love the way God has made me. I’m a huge advocate of the body positive movement,
except I like to take it up a notch, I want to celebrate ALL​ women through style. Please visit
@sheiconic​ for more info.
Nothing the less beauty secrets, wearable trends, affordable looks, lifestyle tips and male
fashion blogger interviews take the spotlight on my blog too. I’m just a girl creating fashion
statements from her bedroom and sharing my daily experiences.


Question Two- Share a fact about yourself that you haven’t shared on your blog.

Music and dance free the soul. Nothing like turning on my favorite tunes and dancing in the
mirror like I’m Beyoncé. I was on my dance team for three years in highschool and it really
helped me let go of inhibitions. Although I still have stage fright before giving a speech, I always
remember that adrenaline rush I get right before the beat drops and I open up with a dance
routine. I still dance today, just a fun way to keep the blood flowing.


Question Three- If you could travel to one place in the world where would it be and why?

Italy. I always envision myself sitting outside of a restaurant chowing down on an authentic
Italian pizza and listening to that iconic Italy theme song in my head. Everything about Italy
intrigues me, it’s just something about the food, the language, the architecture, the way people
speak with their hands and o did I mention the food?


Question Four- What is your dream job? How does that compare to your job/where you are in life now?

Working in the fashion industry either by launching my own magazine and/or running my own
clothing line are two huge dream jobs for me. I really want to have a career in the fashion
industry to change the perception of style. Media outlets promote style through physical
appearance or overpriced material items. I want to highlight how personal style is derived from
inner beauty, the confidence in being yourself. No trendy handbag or moto jacket will make you
stylish, it’s all about your spirit.
I decided to take blogging more seriously by posting consistently. I upload posts every MWF on
JustNatonya​ to get the feel of what it’s like to run a business by being responsible and my own
boss. I’m trying to treat my blog like a magazine and welcome anyone who wants to guest
posts, if you like to work with me​, let me know!


Question Five- What is one aspect of your life that you would like to share more on your blog?

Cooking is an incredible way for me to express myself. Being a foodie makes it easier to try new
dishes at restaurants but also experiment with cooking at home. Quite often, I create dishes for
my family to taste. I say it’s safe for me to admit I consider myself a good chef. Right now, I’m
taking an interest in New Orleans style cuisine and looking to make my own cajun jambalaya!


Thank you all so much for reading and learning a little more about me. Brooke, I appreciate you
and your series of exploring the blogger behind the blog.

Natonya M.


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  1. I love what she believes in! My goal is to work in the magazine industry too after school. I love how she holds herself to that strict schedule as thats something I am working on but have not yet mastered haha but hopefully will soon. Loveee this post! xx Brynn

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