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Welcome back to another post in this series! Today I have the lovely Sara from Copper and Sun. Sara is a UK based blogger who is currently living in Melbourne.  She mainly focuses on beauty and travel. As normal, all of my questions will be in pink Sara’s answers will be in black.

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Question One- Why did you start blogging?

I began blogging as something that I wanted to try out as I love makeup and fashion and I wanted to share this passion with others. Also, I follow so many other influencers and I love reading what they create so I wanted to try and share my thoughts and feelings about the things I love. However, after a couple of months I eventually stopped blogging and I now think that was because I was so alone within the community and wasn’t involved in as many of the communities that I am involved in on Twitter and Instagram. I eventually started blogging again because I once again had that passion again to share the makeup I love and wanted to see what other people thought.


Question Two- What is a normal day to you?

Currently my day to day life is so hectic as I’ve just moved to Melbourne and everything has completely changed. My day in the life now is usually heading into Melbourne city centre as I live out in the suburbs and usually going shopping or just walk round the amazing sights which I will be sharing on my blog soon. Although, next week it will be getting more into the swing of normal life and being at university for the majority of the day studying psychology, before heading to the gym and then ending the day with cooking dinner and watching YouTube on the sofa.


Question Three- If you could only travel to one place in the world where would it be and why?

I always find this such a difficult question as I just want to see as much of the world as I can. However, if it had to be anywhere it would probably be Bora Bora as it’s just so picturesque and I’m not one for busy city holidays and more about sitting by the beach or the pool so I think Bora Bora would be the dream.


Question Four- What is your dream job and how does that compare to your job/were you are in life now?

Truly I never have a direct dream job in mind and it always changes, ultimately I just want to work somewhere that I’m happy and do work that I enjoy so it feels a lot less like work. Currently I would love to work in social media for a company but I am forever changing my mind as to what I would really love to do in the future. Currently I’m studying psychology which although doesn’t truly relate to this job role, psychology is a job that does allow me to go other career paths.


Question Five- Who is your biggest inspiration?

My biggest inspiration is definitely my mum as she has not only inspired me by seeing how amazing she is and the things she has done for other people but by how she has inspired me by making sure I pursue my dreams and do what I want to do. I think ultimately without having my mum as my driving force I wouldn’t be doing half the things I’m doing right now if it wasn’t for her.


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