Blogging 101: SEO for beginners || Blogtober Day Seven


Welcome to my new little series where I share everything I’ve learnt about blogging so far. Today I thought I’d start with something I didn’t even know existed until early this year! I was clueless to this side of blogging but now I’m slowly learning and seeing the improvements. If you’re reading this thinking what is SEO? Don’t worry you’re not alone! SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation.


SEO Tip One: Blog Title

First, one of the most important things is making sure that your post title is catchy, easy to understand and includes your key word (I’ll talk more about keywords later). For me, I try to make sure that my title summarises what the post is about in around 3-9 words. It’s also important to think carefully about the words you choose. Put yourself in your readers shoes, if they were to see a title like this would they click on it and want to read it.

Example One 

Blog Tips 


Example Two

Blogging 101: SEO for beginners 


Personally, I would be more inclined to click on the second as it gives a glimpse as to what the post is specifically about, SEO.


SEO Tip Two: Key Word

Okay, I’ll admit it I didn’t know how important it was to have a key word/words until recently. If you take one thing from this tip then use long-tailed keywords. By this I mean instead of SEO use SEO for beginners. As less people will be using these terms therefore, less competition and more chance of recognition.


But, you want a keyword that is highly searched! The easiest way to check this is by doing a simple google and seeing what it brings up.


SEO Tip Three: Subheadings

Subheadings are your friend! Repeat after me, ” Subheadings are my friend”. Not only do they break up your post but they make it easy for your readers to see what your post is about. I also think it makes a post more visually pleasing, instead of being one lump of words. By putting your key word into your subheadings you are making it easy for your reader to identify the key points of your post.


SEO Tip Four: Meta Description

Every post needs a Meta Description! This gives your readers a glimpse of what the post is about. How you word it is IMPORTANT! Read these examples and see which you think is better…

A post on what SEO is and how to improve it


Are you an SEO beginner looking to boost your traffic? Here is 5 tips to increase your traffic immediately.


SEO Tip Five: Links

Links are amazing! Not only can you include links to other posts on your site but you can also link to products mentioned, affiliate links and other websites. Sometimes, we are afraid to use links incase it looks overwhelming. But as a reader myself if something linked is underlined or in a different font I just can’t help myself and have to click. I’m then submersed in reading another blog post or checking out another website.


Here is an example of a previous post of mine that features external links to some of my favourite Blog Chats. I’ve highlighted them to my audience by making the font bold to draw their attention.






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