Blogger box swap with Indigo Rose

Christmas came early this year for me! ME and the lovely Tori from Indigo Rose decided to do a Blogger box swap this Christmas. We set each other a budget of £50 and the challenge begun…

I’ll be sharing with you guys what I received from Tori but if you’d like to see what I got for her then make sure you click HERE!

The Packaging 

First of all, this box was so cute! As soon I collected the box from my reception I was in awe. So, thank you Tori for making it ooze in Christmas festivities. 

Being the student I am I will 100% be using this box to store my Christmas decorations for the rest of the year! I love a good box to store things in but the fact that this is Christmas makes it so much better and easier to tell where my baubles are. 

Overview of Presents

Let me just say this box was jammed packed! Tori you well and truly spoilt me. 

Everything you could think of, Tori thought of! There were everything I could possibly need during Christmas! From beauty to stationary Tori has literally thought of everything. Now, without putting a huge Christmas downer on this post I was a bit nervous about doing a Blogger box swap and when I was thinking of people to contact I’m so glad Tori wanted to do it too. Finding someone that won’t take advantage of the situation is a must so if you are to do this make sure you do it with someone trustworthy that you’re friends with! 

Christmas mug 

Is it even Christmas if you don’t have a Christmas mug?! I love a good mug (maybe too much my boyfriend thinks). The majority of my mug cupboard is Disney mugs and Christmas ones. So, Tori you fulled my mug obsession and I actually wanted to get another Christmas mug for a post and video coming soon!

Blogger box swap

The mug is the perfect size too! It’s big enough for a hot chocolate but not too big that I will waste it! Also, my boyfriend approves of the handle as he always finds mug handles too small and can’t grip onto them properly.

Trinket Dish 

I have been looking for a trinket dish for so long! I am so picky and I failed finding one so when I opened this I was ecstatic! If you know you know my favourite colours are rose gold and pink so it’s as if this trinket dish was made for me! 

Blogger box swap

I’ve already found its place in the flat right next my perfume and filled it with jewellery I want to wear more!


A girl can never have too many lashes! These ones look lush! I’m really excited to try these as I don’t often wear strip lashes just as I need to learn properly. I can apply them on other people just not myself. So, if you have any tips let me know!

Blogger box swap

I love the fact that these lashes are faux mink too! 

Face Masks

I love a good pamper session especially this time of the year as I’m stressed out to the max so, taking the time to pop on a face mask and have a relax is perfect. 

Blogger box swap

I love these 7th heaven face masks too as they are so gentle on the skin and don’t irritate my sensitive skin. Also, thank you Tori for not one face mask but three!

Lip Balm

Now, I don’t think I’ve discussed but I’m obsessed with lip balm at the minute. My lips are so dry and cracked and I’m obsessed with putting it on.

Blogger box swap

I love body shops lip butters and have a few already so I’ve decided to gift this to my boyfriend seen as though he didn’t get anything to open yet. So, thank you Tori from me and Matt!

Lip Gloss

I love a lip product and I’m obsessed with nude coloured lip products with a pink hue. I’ve never been so excited when opening a present as I was with this. This is a brand I’ve never heard of before so I was so excited to try them. 

Blogger box swap

The lip glosses are more matte than gloss I would say but the pigmentation are amazing and I love them!

Thank you 

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Tori for doing this Blogger box swap with me! I loved it and I’m so happy and appreciative for every single gift you got me!

Blogger Box Swap

Hopefully, the Blogger box swap will be back next year as I had so much fun buying gifts for Tori and wrapping them! 

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