21 facts you didn’t know about me  #brooke’s21st
It is less than a week until I officially turn 21! Yes, that’s right 21! So, I thought what better way for you to get to know me than share 21 facts you didn’t know… View Full Post View Post

Q & A Birthday Theme! #brooke’s21st
That’s right I’m kicking off this week of posting everyday for seven days with a good old Q & A. For those who have been living under a rock and don’t know what a Q… View Full Post View Post

The films & shows that have inspired me & will inspire you too!
There are many movies being released every year and tv shows too but only a small minority actually inspire us. Now, most shows and movies I watch are for entertainment but some have a truly… View Full Post View Post

The Jewellery that you need in your life!
Now, I love Jewellery but find it so hard to match it with my outfits. But, recently I discovered the Jewellery Box and fell in love with so many items. They have a wide range… View Full Post View Post

A letter to my parents
Now, I’m back with another letter to. Thank you, to Sophie for creating this, you can read her posts HERE. Firstly, Happy Birthday Mum and Dad! Yes, today is both of my parents birthday’s. To… View Full Post View Post