Planning my 21st Birthday party #brooke’s21st

Yes you read that right! I’m planning my own 21st birthday party! Am I crazy, yes. So, here is everything I have done to plan my 21st. Background Originally I didn’t want a 21st birthday party. I don’t like all the attention to be on me but this party is a way to have all

21 things I’m thankful for #brooke’s21st

As my 21st birthday is getting closer I wanted to reflect on my life so far and share 21 things I’m thankful for. One Life. Yes that sounds cheesy but not everyone is granted a life. We don’t know how long we have so I live by the motto ‘live everyday as your last’. I

Battle of the hair the past

Do I suck at life?

If you’re like me then I’m sure you’ve asked yourself this question on a regular basis. Can’t balance your life, struggling to cope with daily tasks, driving yourself up the wall? Me too! But, just know you’re not alone and I’m pretty sure you DON’T suck at life! We all have our off days, maybe

Cirque Du Soleil's Cast

Cirque Du Soleil OVO Review

  A phenomenal performance that had me in awe from the start   Last night I had a real pinch me moment. I’ve been blogging for just over a year now and learnt so much. I was invited to see the opening night performance of OVO at Sheffield Arena. At first I couldn’t actually believe


Lush Haul || Summer 2018

Wow it feels like forever since I dit a Lush Haul! This is my first haul on my blog but I have done a few in the past on my YouTube. Now, I love Lush  through the years I have tried loads of their products but recently I haven’t purchased as much as I moved

Behind the Blog || Natonya AKA Just Natonya

Firstly, thank you for continuing to read these posts and supporting this not so little series anymore! I am loving discovering new things about all of the bloggers included in this series. Today, I have Natonya from Just Natonya a blogger who describes herself as “a curvy petite girl in her bedroom creating fashion statements from her

Jewellery Box

The Jewellery that you need in your life!

Now, I love Jewellery but find it so hard to match it with my outfits. But, recently I discovered the Jewellery Box and fell in love with so many items. They have a wide range of jewellery from bracelets to rings there is loads of choice. I’ve already started to create a wishlist and got


Behind the Blog || Deandra AKA BP Diaries

How are you doing? Today I have another post in my behind the blog series featuring Deandra. Deandra otherwise known as Black Princess Diaries is a blogger who was inspired by the Princess Diaries and added a twist as a black woman. Her blog focuses on expressing herself. As normal my questions will be in


How to have a holiday for under £20!

Now we all know how expensive it can be to go on holiday! Especially when you’re a university student you don’t kind of have that money. But, I’ve got a holiday that costs under £20 and it’s still filled with fun and memories. Now the most expensive part of holidays is the travel cost and

Behind the Blog logo

Behind the Blog || Anne AKA Forever the Wanderer

Hello, I hope you are okay? If you are new to this little series on my blog well where have you been?! Only joking, my series focuses on finding out more about the person behind the blog. Today I’m interviewing Anne from Forever the Wanderer who encourages people to openly speak about Mental health on

Behind the Blog logo

Behind the Blog || Sara AKA Copper and Sun

Welcome back to another post in this series! Today I have the lovely Sara from Copper and Sun. Sara is a UK based blogger who is currently living in Melbourne.  She mainly focuses on beauty and travel. As normal, all of my questions will be in pink Sara’s answers will be in black. Question One- Why

reading glasses

What’s in my handbag || Summer 2018

It’s been all Disney related here on my blog this past month so I thought I’d shake things up with a old favourite of mine. If you’re as nosy as I am then you’ll love snooping and seeing what’s inside my handbag this summer. If I’m being honest then my bag is full of crap

Marvel Characters

Disneyland Paris Marvel Package

I’m back with another Disney post, today I’m going to be giving you the inside scoop on the new Marvel Package which Disneyland Paris is currently offering until September 30th 2018. This packages includes loads of extra exclusive bonuses.   American Buffet with Marvel Character Encounter  Now, if you are a Marvel fan like myself

Behind the Blog logo

Behind the Blog || Frankie AKA meet me by the sea

Hello, I hope you are well? Today I am interviewing the beautiful Frankie from the blog meet me by the sea. Firstly, if you don’t know who Frankie is then she is a Marketing and PR Executive. Her main role is to promote Cornwall and what it has to offer not only as her job but

Mickey Mouse

expectation VS reality Disneyland Paris 2018

Let’s be honest when we think about Disney we think magical, happy, perfect but sometimes that’s not completely the truth.  I love Disney, like adore don’t get me wrong but sometimes a Disney holiday isn’t what you expect. For many it’s a trip of a lifetime, you’ve saved up for ages and you want it


Life update

It’s been a while since I’ve done a honest post to update you on where I am and what I’m doing. We’re now into July and over halfway through the year! I still can’t quite believe that before I know it, it will be Christmas. So, far this summer I’ve had a melt down about

Iron Man biscuit

Disneyland Paris snacks under €5

Food in Disneyland Paris can be pricey, so here are my favourite snacks under €5 to help you save money whilst having the best time. Having fun can be hard work and sometimes you just need a snack to put you on until your next meal. Now eating healthy at Disney, is a little hard

Behind the Blog || Abby AKA for all that wander

Hello, I hope you are doing okay? Today I have another post for my series Behind the Blogger. Today I am interviewing Abby from the blog for all that wander. Abby describes her blog as ‘Travel, Lifestyle and Mental Health’. Not only does Abby go away on some amazing holidays which she shares on her blog but

Meet & Greet Characters Disneyland Paris 2018

Is it a trip to Disney if you don’t meet any characters? One of the main goals for my trips is to meet as many characters as I possibly can. This normally requires a lot of pre-planning to ensure I meet everyone I want. This trip was no different, I met some classic characters (Mickey

Hotel Review Disneyland Paris Hotel Newport Bay

I’m back again with another Disney post from my recent vacation. Today I’m going to tell you all about our hotel Newport Bay which we stayed in on our recent trip to Disneyland Paris. When booking this trip we booked to stay in Hotel Santa Fe. Two days before our trip we received a call

Mickey Mouse

My Disney Story from the very beginning

Well I guess you’re here to hear my story, the reason why I love Disney so much. So, I thought I’d start from the very beginning. I’ve visited Disneyland Paris from a very young age around 1 years old. My parents didn’t have a lot of money but they always made ends meet and managed

Hello July

Hello July! I cannot believe we are over halfway through the year! I feel like I’m going to blink and it will be Christmas. (Not that I’m complaining because I LOVE Christmas) I’m ready to enjoy some time off uni and focus on my blogging, family and friends. June was an amazing month, from my

Behind the Blog || Michelle Meilhon AKA Chelle MUA

Welcome back to another blogger in this series! I’m so excited to introduce Michelle Meilhon or as you know her ChelleMUA to you today. ChelleMUA is a trained makeup artist who blogs about makeup, AuPair and travel. As normal the questions will be in pink and ChelleMUA’s answers will be in black. Question 1- What

Behind the Blog || Erica Raquel AKA Grand Fash Life

Welcome to the first post in my series Behind the Blog. If you haven’t heard I’m starting a new series on my blog and you can read HERE all about it. This week’s blogger is Erica from Grand Fash Life. Erica has answered five questions about herself and her blog in order for you to get to

We’re going to Disney!

That’s right we’re going to Disneyland Paris… TODAY!!!! Trying to keep this a secret has been so hard, I may of let it slip once we’re going to Disney, oops.   The secret I’ve been keeping this a secret, well trying I may of let it accidentally slip in a weekly vlog a month ago.

Behind the Blog|| Welcome to my new series

So I guess this is a hello and welcome to my new series called Behind the Blog.    The Intention This series is intended to help you get to know some of your favourite bloggers and who the person behind the blog actually is. We live in a world that means people hide certain aspects

Solo Flying | My tips and tricks

The two words that fill me with dread… Solo Flying! Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind flying but my anxiety makes it so hard for me and the whole experience is filled with anxiety, dread and stress. But, I decided it’s 2018 and I’m sick of letting my anxiety control everything I do.

Spain 2018

So recently I took the plunge and travelled to Spain on my own. Now I’m going to write a whole post on solo flying because that is a whole story in itself! Today I wanted to share my actual holiday, pictures and the funny parts I guess. So, the reason I chose Spain was some

Pamper Evening Essentials!

Sometimes you just need a good old Pamper evening. I don’t often have the time to relax and pamper myself but when I’m stressed I always make sure I make time for myself. I thought I’d round up my favourite products for pampering with. Especially around this time of the year with exams and deadlines

Spring Favourites

This year seems to be speeding by and I cannot believe we are already in Spring! I feel like I will blink and it will be Christmas. To be honest Spring so far, has been beautiful! We’ve had not ONE but TWO heatwaves in the UK and they were amazing. I’ve been able to leave

Revolution Pro Brow Pomade Review

I know! Another post dedicated to Revolution. But, honestly they are creating so many amazing beauty products that I just can’t keep to myself! My latest edition to my makeup collection is the Revolution Pro Brow Pomade in the shade Ash Brown. Eyebrows for me are one of the trickiest features to apply makeup to.

Afternoon Tea || Celebrating Birthdays

Once again, I’ve been out having Afternoon Tea. If you don’t know me, this is one of my favourite things. But, as always I feel like you need an excuse to go to afternoon tea. Well, I had an excuse! It was recently my boyfriends mum’s birthday so we surprised her at a local garden

My Forest Holiday | Trip Two

I’ve recently been away to Forest Holidays at Sherwood Forest. Once again, an amazing, relaxing break that was well needed. I stayed with my boyfriend’s family for a week break, Monday to Friday in a silver cabin. The cabin itself had three rooms, two bathrooms, lounge, kitchen, decking area and my personal favourite… a hot

Revolution VS L’Oreal foundation sticks Review

Foundation sticks seem to be the new craze in the beauty world. At first I remember thinking, girl my mum used to use a foundation sticks when I was little and that is NOT something I am going to use! But, I jumped on the bandwagon and boy am I glad I did. I’ve picked

Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define concealer Review

I know that you have heard about this concealer because it is the talk of the town. If you haven’t then where have you been?! I introduce to you the Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer, your new best friend. Makeup Revolution are killing the makeup industry at the minute with reveal after reveal of

Snow Day! Fun and No sun in sight

Wow, I spent all Christmas wishing for snow and what am I blessed with in the end of February? Sun  (I wish) S N O W! Lots of it. I know I complained at the lack of snow this Christmas. But the Beast from the East at the end of February is NOT what I

February Favourites- Beauty, Jewellery and surprises!

I cannot quite believe it is March. I repeat MARCH! How are we already into the 3rd month of 2018? I feel like I’ve blinked and missed February completely. WOW, February has been a super busy month for me. I have started back at placement and been struggling to manage my time effectively. But, boy

Award Nomination- The Sunshine Blogger Award

I’m so excited to be nominated for an award, I’m just a girl from Sheffield sharing my life on my blog and YouTube and it seems crazy that people want to read my blog. I just want to thank the amazing Samantha from believinamiracle for nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger Award! The support I

The perfect Suede Boots you need!

Today I’ve decided to dabble a little into the unknown for me. My blog has mainly been a place for sharing my life, YouTube and beauty related things. But today that all changes. I’ve decided to share with you one of my favourite fashion findings of this year. Now, this may become a yearly thing.

What I got for Christmas 2017!

Happy New Year! Yes it’s 2018, unfortunately Christmas is over for another year. But on the positive side I had a lovely Christmas with my families (mine and my boyfriends). I thought I would share some of the presents I have received. Every year I always see a theme in my presents whether it’s body

Happiness Planner Review: the good and the bad!

At the start of this year, I invested in the Happiness Planner. A planner that helps you to keep track of your happiness basically. I have used this product quite a few times this year however, not as much as I’d of liked. If you’re like me and forgetful then try to set a reminder

Funny Times: A donkey ate my hair?!

So as Christmas Day is nearing, I want to spend these last few days of Blogmas recapping 2017, the funny times. I thought long and hard about some of my funniest memories and my number one has to be this…… The time the donkey took a chunk of my hair off whilst I tried to

TV Guide Christmas Day 2017: Must Watch TV!

So my final prep for Christmas Day is underway. Here is what I’m planning on watching on Christmas Day. But if I’m being truthfully honest, I may have to record some shows and films as Christmas Day will be very busy for me and Matt this year. My Christmas Day TV Guide 2017… 11:10am ITV-

Christmas Eve Box ideas 2017

This year I have taken it upon myself to create a little Christmas Eve Box for everyone. I love the idea of a Christmas Eve Box. A present you can open on Christmas Eve. You could include many things: -pyjamas -Christmas dvd -sweets and chocolate -fluffy socks -Christmas clothing I don’t want to give away

Come with me to Sheffield Christmas Market 2017

Christmas is nearly here so I have completed my last trip to the Sheffield Christmas Market for this year. I may or may not of already been quite a few times but there’s something I love about walking around the market. I mean after all it is Christmas so why not get into the festivities?

My Favourite YouTube Vlogmas Videos

It’s officially one week until Christmas! I am in full panic mode, I have completed all my shopping but I still have that niggling feeling that I’ve missed someone out. I still can’t believe Blogmas is nearly over, I’ve loved writing a post everyday but I do not know how people do this all year

Maybelline SuperStay 24hr Foundation

It’s one week until Christmas Eve! I’m so excited and I thought I’d share a new foundation I’m in love with just in time to purchase for Christmas Day! Now, I’m a lover of my L’Oreal True Match foundation but this foundation has to be a close second. The Maybelline SuperStay 24hr Foundation! This foundation

Wishlist makeup I would like in 2018

Ah, it’s just over a week until Christmas Eve! I’ve finished my Christmas shopping today and have the last little things to get together before Christmas arrives. I thought I would put all the makeup I’d love to purchase in 2018 onto a wishlist a) to remind me what makeup I would like and b)

Ideas- 50 Blogmas Post Ideas to inspire you!

Here’s 50 Ideas for Blogmas! 1. Christmas Traditions 2. Christmas Now vs the past 3. The Christmas Tag 4. What’s on my Christmas tree 5. Present guides 6. Christmas Market Guide 7. Christmas Baking 8. Christmas Clothing 9. Favourite Bloggers this Christmas 10. Christmas Wishlist 11. Holiday Motivation 12. Winter Drinks 13. Top 25 Christmas

Spending time with family- creating memories

Today has been a relaxing, chilled day. I’ve spent this morning with family catching up and then this afternoon snuggled in bed watching Stranger Things. We went to a local cafe for a coffee and some cake. Firstly, I think we found one of the most expensive pieces of cake I’ve ever had in my

Christmas Now vs The Past

The first photo is from the past, a jolly me sat in front of our Christmas tree this year. Bellow is a picture of me believe it in Christmas Day 2011. Firstly, can we just appreciate the hair change from that short pixie cut to my long natural hair (this year). Over the years Christmas

What Christmas means to me

It’s just over a week until Christmas and I’m so excited! But whilst I sit and think about what Christmas Day will be like, will it snow, what will I wear? The question what Christmas actually means to me always comes to me. When I was younger I never appreciated Christmas, to me I thought

My Christmas tree 2017🎄1st tree at our flat

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This year is mine and Matts first year putting up and decorating our own Christmas tree. We opted for a fake tree as they don’t require cleaning up pine needles and are a cheaper option. We have collected quite a few unique baubles and baubles we’ve been gifted. Bauble One Firstly, this is the first

My Forest Holiday retreat Halloween 2017

Recently my boyfriends family invited me to join them on a forest retreat holiday. I always love going on holiday and exploring places so I was 100% down to join them. We stayed in the Uk and went to Nottingham with Forest Holidays. I had an amazing 5 days and did not want to leave.

Holiday motivation 2017- how to stay motivated!

With Christmas nearly here it is that final push to be motivated and get everything completed before the 25th. If you’re like me and you’re a university student than this time of the year is especially stressful and motivation is your worst enemy. With assignment dates looming and exams, this time of the year is

What’s in my backpack 2017

It’s Blogmas Day 7! Whooo, I’ve managed 7 days of blogging. This is a massive achievement for me as I’m balancing a part time job and university too. Today’s post I wanted to focus on my new pride and Joy… the Disney x Cath Kidston backpack. The bag When I first got Cath Kidston’s email