What’s in my backpack 2017

It’s Blogmas Day 7! Whooo, I’ve managed 7 days of blogging. This is a massive achievement for me as I’m balancing a part time job and university too. Today’s post I wanted to focus on my new pride and Joy… the Disney x Cath Kidston backpack.

The bag

When I first got Cath Kidston’s email to preview their new Disney collection I knew straight away I would find something and fall in love with it. Low and behold, I did. I fell in love with this dark grey backpack. Now, I’m not really a backpack kind of person. I’ve always had handbags and never really found a backpack I liked. So, when I saw this backpack and fell in love I knew I had to get it. Not only is this backpack just gorgeous but it combines two of my favourite things, Disney and Cath Kidston. For those that have watched my YouTube videos I have quite a few Cath Kidston bags.

Release Date

When it finally came down to the release date I thought I was prepared. I had my phone, my boyfriends phone and my laptop all ready waiting. But Cath Kidston has some minor issue with their website due to the volume of people trying to access this collection. 2 hours later and I managed to get my hands on the backpack. Then came the long wait until the backpack arrived them two days seemed like two years.

The Backpack is very spacious. It has bottle sized pockets on either size and is fastened by a clip at the front. Once you unclip the bag you have two zipped entries. The first is a medium sized pocket, this pocket is perfecting for fitting all my little essentials such as a mirror, hand sanitiser, tissues and hair bobbles. The next larger pocket is split into two.


At the back is a laptop sleeve which fits my MacBook Air perfectly and is padded to keep it safe. The main pocket is large and spacious and holds all my essentials such as purse, umbrella and diary. It also has two smaller pockets, perfectly sized for you phone. This backpack also has a bonus pocket as I call it which is on the back and is a small pocket that is perfect for holding any important things such as cards or money as no one can get to it as it opens onto your back.

Overall, I love this. It is perfectly sized to hold all of my essentials and is so comfy. I can’t wait to take it to Disney with me next year too.

Brooke x

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