How to challenge your mental health this month!

We ALL have mental health! But, it effects every single one of us differently. Some people may never experience mental health issues whilst other will. But, the reality is one in four people will experience some form of mental health. This statistic is only the number of reported mental health cases. People are out there struggling and don’t ask for help. So, the likelihood is that number will be more. But, you shouldn’t struggle alone! There is help out there to help you challenge your mental health.

challenge your mental health

One of my favourite analogies is that when on a plane you are always told if in an emergency and the oxygen masks are released then you should put your own mask on first before helping others. The same goes for your mental health. If you don’t look after your own mental health how can you look after others? Sometimes, you have to put yourself first! Here is how to challenge your mental health this month…


I don’t know about you but a massive part of challenging my mental health is working on my happiness. They go hand in hand. When I’m struggling with my mental health, the likelihood is that my happiness levels are low too. But, it doesn’t always have to be like that! By challenging one we can also challenge the other!

The best way to cheer yourself up is to cheer up

somebody else up- Mark Twain

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Now, this quote got me thinking and you know what it’s right. Think of a time you have tried to cheer someone up. You’ve also in the process cheered yourself up! So, by applying this quote you can challenge your mental health and change the way your mental health affects you.

Action for Happiness

Action for Happiness offer some great advice, support and resources to enable you to live a happier life. Now, I wouldn’t say I’m a negative Nancy but I’m sure not positive Polly. There is always room to make life happier. I highly recommend checking out their action calendars which they publish each month. Each calendar targets something different. For example, this months calendar is targeted on cheering up others and yourself. It provides you will a challenge each day to help improve your happiness and self-awareness.

My favourite part has to be the special days in the calendar such as Valentines day feature related challenges! The Valentines Day challenge is to tell loved ones why they are so special to you! I love the idea behind this and think it is a great tool for improving happiness. I will be sharing the challenges daily and what I do to complete them on my Instagram and Twitter so please join in!

Stop comparing yourself!

Hold your hands up! I’m pretty sure your guilty of comparing yourself to someone else. But, you aren’t alone! Everyone compares themselves to someone else. It’s just an innate trait. But, you can minimise it. This is a major factor in challenging your mental health, your self-image and self-concept.

No one’s life is perfect and if they claim it is well we all know that isn’t true! Everyday is an opportunity to learn, develop and grow and a massive part of that is making mistakes. You are human, you will make mistakes because you aren’t perfect! But, what actually is perfect?

Having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be

Oxford Dictionaries

Yes, that is the dictionaries definition but itself states having all the required or desirable elements but who decides what them elements are? Us! Perfect is a concept we decide. What may be my definition of perfect will certainly be different from yours!

Everyone is on their own path! I’m pretty sure this world would be crap if it was full of Brooke’s every single person all the same as me. I for one know that would be horrendous. So, why do we compare ourselves.

Yes you may want to look like your idol or favourite celebrity because they are perfect to you. But, are they? They are human like all of us and still have bad skin days and life struggles. The only difference between you and your favourite celebrity is some don’t publicly share their struggles. As a society we are so consumed in having the perfect image and it is seen as a bad thing to have spots, be a certain weight etc. But, why? This is something we all have contributed to and created. But, there is nothing wrong with having spots, weighing a certain amount or living in jogging bottoms. Because, you are you! We create our own definition of perfect and what we think our ideal is so why can’t we be that?

No excuses!

Yes you read that right no excuses! The word no is BANNED! The easiest thing to say when you are struggling is to say no. Whether that’s missing out on social events or day to day life. When I’m struggling with my mental health I’m the first person to say no sorry I can’t do that or come up with some sort of excuse to avoid the situation. Well, it is time that stopped! No more can you miss something because of your mental health. Challenge yourself, push yourself out of your comfort zone and show your mental health you CAN do it. Challenge your mental health! Whether that is going out with your friends for some lunch, going to the cinema or having some time to yourself!

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Sometimes, on bad mental health days coming up with an excuse to avoid a situation is the easy option but in the long term you are just running away from dealing with and challenging your mental health. Take little steps even if it is just going to the local shop you’re taking the little steps to help yourself! Each time try to build up and before you know it you’ll be going out and no longer hiding behind excuses. But, don’t be hard on yourself if some days you can’t do it! That is okay. You can’t be happy every single day of the year. If you was I would be concerned!

How are you going to challenge your mental health?

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