What I got for Christmas 2017!

Happy New Year! Yes it’s 2018, unfortunately Christmas is over for another year. But on the positive side I had a lovely Christmas with my families (mine and my boyfriends). I thought I would share some of the presents I have received. Every year I always see a theme in my presents whether it’s body sprays and perfumes or makeup. This year is no different. The theme of this year seems to be Disney and copper. Now I am certainly not complaining! I am a HUGE fan of all things Disney and anything copper is a yes from me. So, here is what I got for Christmas 2017…

Now I don’t know about you but I always have to do a clean out after Christmas. As I always find that I have too many new items and no where to put them. This year I have to say I was very frivolous with my clearing out. Anything I have not used recently unfortunately had to go. That being said, I am extremely grateful for every gift I received this Christmas 2017 and I love everything! I also just want to briefly mention that this post is in no way bragging. I just wanted to share what I have received with you.

Marble and Copper Notebook

This was a gift I received off my secret santa from my university friends. Firstly, my friends know my very well, I love copper and marble so this notebook is right up my street. Also I love to write lists for everything and anything. So not only do I have a new notebook but I also have an aesthetically pleasing notebook. As this was a secret santa gift I am not 100% sure where the notebook is from. But I’ve found what I thinks is the same one¬†here.

Ted Baker Duo

Ted Baker Duo Christmas 2017

Thank you to Matthew’s Nanna and Grandad for this lovely gift. I love Ted Baker and this lip balm and nail polish is stunning. I cannot wait until I am off work and can paint my nails as this colour is gorgeous and one that I will definitely wear a lot. The lip balm is a gorgeous red colour with a hint of pink and is very pigmented to say it isn’t a lipstick. I will definitely be reaching for this as it will not only look gorgeous but keep my lips moisturised at the same time. The duo is no longer available at Boots as it was a Christmas special but you can get the same set from here.

Body Spray

Jack Wills BodySpray

What is Christmas if you don’t receive any body sprays? I think receiving body sprays/perfume has become a tradition for me, I always get some. It is one of the best presents for me as I hate shopping for body sprays because I am so indecisive but everyone else seems to know me better than I know myself as I always love the fragrances I receive. This year I received this lovely trio of Jack Wills body sprays off my Sister. I’ve already used them like crazy and love to grab them on a daily basis. This was also a Christmas limited edition set so is no longer available on the Jack Wills website or boots but you can get it from here.


Silver Earrings

When I moved out to Sheffield, I had to downsize all of my luggage and with that I said goodbye to all my earrings bar my two pairs I had at my proms. Something I always regret is not having any earrings to wear on a day to day basis. Little did I know that my boyfriend had heard me say this and bought me a beautiful multipack of earrings. They’re simple silver earrings that look very elegant on. I’ve already had the love heart ones on but I do have to take them out after a bit as I’m not used to wearing earrings and keep getting my hair tangled in them. Matt picked these earrings up from Boots instore but they are not online however, some similar ones are these.


Primark Cogsworth Disney Purse Christmas 2017

Now as I’ve mentioned before I am Disney obsessed, I love visiting Disney, watching Disney films, wearing Disney themed clothes, I just LOVE everything Disney. A couple of months ago Primark released a chip purse and of course I had to get my hands on one. Not only do I love Disney but my favourite Disney film is Beauty and the Beast, as a young child my favourite princess was Belle and I adored chip. For Christmas, my auntie and Granny kindly gifted me the rest of the collection; Lumiere, Mrs Potts and Cogsworth. I now have the complete set which are proudly perched on my shelving unit, all together. You can still get the Beauty and the Beast range of purses from selected Primark stores.

Thank you to all my friends and family for an amazing Christmas and all of my thoughtful gifts, I love all of them. I hope you have had a lovely Christmas and that 2018 brings you happiness and health. What were your favourite Christmas presents from Christmas 2017?

Brooke x

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