What I got for Christmas 2018- presents and stories!

Better late than never I guess! Yes, I know we are in 2019 and 2018 was so last year but I still wanted to share what I received for Christmas and say another thanks to my family for the wonderful and thoughtful gifts I received from them. Being able to spend Christmas with my family and Matt’s means a lot to me and it is something I will always cherish. This year Christmas Day was like being on a fast roller coaster, non-stop.

Every year we usually rotate spending Christmas Eve/ Christmas Day between mine and Matt’s family. This year we spent Christmas morning with my family and had Christmas dinner with them and then went to visit Matt’s sister and then went to Matt’s families for Christmas dinner round two. Yes, we had two Christmas dinners. Luckily, neither of our families chose to have starters but we did have Christmas Dinner and desserts.

What I got for Christmas

My Family

Christmas Day was a little different this year. I’m usually that person up at the crack of dawn waiting patiently for everyone else to wake up. This year it was 9am when I was woken up! I still can’t believe that I hadn’t woken up earlier. Of course, I was sat waiting for everyone else to get themselves sorted eagerly waiting. I had to give people my presents first because I get way to excited when giving gifts to see people reactions.

My Sister

One word…


My sister really thought through every single gift. Each was so meaningful and you could tell she had carefully selected them. So, a massive thank you to my sister!


I don’t think I ever received such a wide range of presents that I would 100% use and are meaningful. From body sprays to Make-up, candles and even a personalised Nutella!

My Mum & Dad

My parents kindly gave me some money and chocolate. I actually haven’t yet eaten the chocolate which is a massive surprise as I normally devour it on Christmas Day! I did use the money to treat myself to some clothes in the sale, so expect a sales haul soon.

Matt’s Family

Splitting Christmas was really like Christmas Day all day. We opened presents in the morning with my family and then Christmas presents in the evening with Matt’s family. It really felt magical the whole day.

Matt’s Sister

Matt sister kindly bought us a joint present. They bought us a cinema gift card which also had two soft drinks, a popcorn and two candy canes. This is such a great gift as me and Matt both love going to the cinema but it is a treat for us, we don’t go on a regular basis. Now, we just need to wait for the right film to come along.

Matt’s Brother

Minnie Mouse Hoodie- What I got for Christmas.

One of my favourite gifts has to be from Matt’s brother. Him and his girlfriend bought me a minnie mouse throw, blanket jumper I guess. I’d describe this as a throw blanket sown into a poncho with Minnie Mouse on it. Not going to lie, I have had this on every single day since Christmas. It is perfect, I’m always cold and have a throw wrapped around me so this is more practical as I can actually do jobs without my throw falling off my into a sink full of dirty dishes.

Matt’s Parents

A massive thank you to Matt’s parents who were so kind and generous with their gifts! I honestly don’t expect anything at Christmas off anyone and to receive so many thoughtful and meaningful gifts is lovely.

Matt’s parents created me and Matt are own personalised Christmas box full of sweets and Chocolate and I mean full! I love anything sweet so you can imagine my face when I saw what was inside the box. Although, it took me a bit to get into what was in the box as I was so overwhelmed by the fact that the box had my name on it. For anyone who has a unique and different name you will understand how hard it is to find things personalised. Growing up my name was never on anything personalised so when I find anything with my name on it is so special!

Cleary Matt’s mum also knows how to fuel my notebook obsession and bought my this gorgeous notebook. The best thing about this gift was when I opened it Matt’s mum said I saw this and thought of you because it’s your colours. The fact that she knew rose gold and grey were two of my favourite colours blew my mind and the fact that I love notebooks.


Me and Matt said we weren’t going to buy but we both ended up buying each other a bit of something. Matt sneakily had bought me a Cath Kidston case for my phone that I had seen and fell in love with. I’m so impressed how he managed to buy the phone case and not give-away that he had! He also knows how much I love chocolate and bought me a box of chocolate which we have already devoured.

Cath Kidston Floral B phone case.

Christmas 2018 was amazing and I’m so glad I got to spend it with mine and Matt’s family. It is moments such as Christmas Day that I will cherish and remember. Thank you to all my friends and family that bought me something I truly appreciate and love all my presents. If you would like to see what I got for Christmas 2017 then click HERE. I’ve also uploaded a new video showing more presents which you can watch HERE.


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