Christmas Now vs The Past

The first photo is from the past, a jolly me sat in front of our Christmas tree this year. Bellow is a picture of me believe it in Christmas Day 2011. Firstly, can we just appreciate the hair change from that short pixie cut to my long natural hair (this year).

Over the years Christmas for me has changed. No longer is it about what presents I receive but more about spending time with the ones I love. I’d also like to think I’m more festive nowadays, as you can see I like to wear Christmas themed clothing such as my elf top whereas in the past Christmas Day used to be about wearing some stylish (or what I thought was) outfit.

I’d wake up at the crack of dawn in the past in a rush to see how many presents I had. I’m not going to lie I still wake up at the crack of dawn because I can’t sleep from the excitement of knowing I have presents to give to others and I can’t wait to see their reactions.

Christmas Day has also changed for me, in the past I’d spend all of Christmas Day opening my presents and testing everything whereas now I spend the majority of the day talking, playing games and just relaxing. Which I much prefer as it’s rare to have a day off at the minute.

How has Christmas changed for you over the years?

Brooke x

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