Christmas wrapping guide- Eco friendly and affordable!

My most dreaded part of Christmas is wrapping. I cannot explain how much I dislike wrapping presents. I can never get the paper to wrap, it rips, my ends don’t fold properly and then the wrapping paper doesn’t match up! It is literally one of the biggest stresses of Christmas for me. So, this year I set myself the challenge of enjoying wrapping presents whilst also trying to be as eco friendly as I could. So, here is my Christmas wrapping guide 2018…


Christmas wrapping guide- Wrapping Paper

This year I’ve opted for brown craft paper as I believe it is recyclable and I wanted to do my bit for the world. Also, I love how I can choose how to decorate this paper for each gift. This has also helped me keep the stress levels down to a minimum as I’ve been too busy planning how I’m going to decorate each gift.

Christmas Wrapping guide- wrapping paper


Christmas wrapping guide- Decorations

My favourite part of this whole process was decorating each gift! This year I opted for this little set from Primark which was £3. I love how this set has everything that you need from twine, to ribbon, gift tags and even little bows. It takes the whole stress out of finding each of these items and ensuring that they match.

Christmas wrapping guide- gift tags

The gold gift tags are pretty much your regular gift tags the quality seems good, they’re easy to write on and have enough space which is amazing for people like me who have humongous writing.

Christmas wrapping guide- twine

I love twine as you can literally use it for everything so when I saw that this kit had red and white twine I was so excited. Not only does it remind me of candy canes but it’s perfect for wrapping around presents to add some colour. Also, if there is any left after wrapping all of the presents then I may make a Christmas card hanger to display all our Christmas cards we receive this year.


Christmas wrapping guide- The final product…

Christmas wrapping guide- wrapped presents

So, here is the moment you have been waiting for… the finished products (well some of them). If I say so myself I’m pretty proud of how these presents turned out. The wrapping itself wasn’t too hard, I didn’t have any drama, no rips! These are my two favourite wrapped presents I just love the bow and then the side look. Especially for my family. They love to rip their presents open and this decoration would mean you’d have to get the scissors. And nobody has time for that on Christmas day!

Christmas wrapping guide

Not only was this wrapping so easy but the twine stayed in place whilst I wrapped it! Little hack is when you cross the twine over wrap it around to stop it sliding!

Christmas wrapping guide- wrapped present

I think this decorating style is perfect for people who love to open their presents quickly! It avoids the need for scissors too.


I hope I’ve inspired you and your wrapping this year! Click HERE to read more Blogmas posts.

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