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Cirque Du Soleil's Cast


A phenomenal performance that had me in awe from the start


Last night I had a real pinch me moment. I’ve been blogging for just over a year now and learnt so much. I was invited to see the opening night performance of OVO at Sheffield Arena. At first I couldn’t actually believe little old me, Brooke was invited to a show and not just any show! Cirque Du Soleil! For those of you who aren’t aware OVO is Cirque Du Soleil’s newest performance. Cirque are a world renowned company who are known for their amazing circus tricks. But, their performance isn’t like any circus you’ve seen before!

cirque Du Soleil

What is OVO?

At first I had no idea what OVO meant but after some research I found out, OVO means egg in Portuguese. Which related to the show as it is focused on the ecosystem. The performance is based on an egg that arrives into a energetic ecosystem causing mystery. The insects curiously inspect the egg and it’s owner.


The shows cast is compromised of around 50 artists from around the world. All, who have specialist skills!



This is where my A level theatre studies kicked in and I immediately started reviewing the stage. I loved how the back of the stage looked like a bugs eye view, it was shaped like some bugs eyes and throughout the show it displayed what a bug was seeing at that point. This also doubled as a climbing wall later in the show.

Bugs eye view


The stage had two hidden trap doors in which cast members entered and left the stage through it also had a round circle in the middle that raised during certain performances. My favourite part of the staging was, it was simple, not over crowded and the cast could manipulate it themselves.



I was in complete awe the whole show! But, my favourite performance had to be the act that reminded me of the greatest showman when Zac and Zendaya are swinging together during the song re write the stars. I cried at this performance, the male and female cast members had so much emotion, elegance and beauty. Their bodies told a story and I was completely absorbed.

flexible fleas acrobat
Silky Spider


My first expectation of the show was that it would be like a circus. (Naive me who had never seen a Cirque Du Soleil Show). I was so wrong! The whole cast were outstanding from their performances to acting it was phenomenal. It takes a lot for me to say something was so good but I honestly came away from this performance amazed.


The dream

As a child my auntie always talked about Cirque Du Soleil. As a professionally trained dancer my auntie loved the theatre and arts and always said one day we would go together to watch a performance. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen before she passed away so to get the opportunity to go see the show last night meant so much to me! I took my best friend Louise with me and we both had the best time! I cannot believe how incredible the show was and can’t wait to book tickets to see their next show and bring my family along too. Thank you to the team at Cirque for inviting me to come, your show was phenomenal! For me it was and still is a pinch me moment.

Cirque Du Soleil's Cast


Brooke x


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  1. Wow Brooke! This looks like such a spectacular show! The colours and costumes are so bright and beautiful, your photos are stunning. I’m so glad you & your best friend had a wonderful time. And congratulations for getting invited to the show too, that’s an awesome opportunity! 💖 xx

    Bexa |

  2. This looks so amazing! I’ve always wanted to go see the cirq du soleil just never got the chance it was either sold out or not the right days but this post makes me want to book it right now! Great review x

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