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I can’t believe that I’m sharing this event with you but little old me from Sheffield was invited to a Clinique Blogger Event for Sheffield Bloggers! Yes an event! I even attended the event on my own which was a massive thing for me and my anxiety. I’m so glad I attended because I had an amazing time and even got a sneak peek of their upcoming Christmas Gift sets.

Why was I there?

The lovely girls at Clinique invited me to have a look at their new Dramatically Different Lipstick Launch. There are 50 shades available, 30 in stores and 20 extra exclusively on their website. The amazing thing about this launch is Clinique are celebrating 50 years of business!


The Lipsticks

The lipsticks come in Clinique’s iconic silver packaging and the shape of this lipstick is unique. It is a bullet shape for precise application and features a core of ddml which is Clinique’s moisturiser. These lipsticks also feature no parabens, fragrance and phthalates. I think a massive thing in this launch is that there is a shade for everyone! With over 50 lipsticks of warm tones, cool tones and different shades there is plenty of choice.

Clinique Dramatically Different Lipsticks

My Verdict

So, I did get to test these lipsticks out for myself. My lips are usually very dry and finding a lipstick that doesn’t stick to my dry patches and is long lasting is so hard. The application of this lipstick was incredible, the product is so pigmented but smooth when applying. I also found the shape of this lipstick made it so much easier to apply the lipstick to every part of my lips and create a flawless cupids bow. Can we also just talk about how moisturising this lipstick is! I have never tried a lipstick that felt so light on my lips and made my lips feel so soft and hydrated. I was so impressed I actually purchased the colour I had picked out to try which was canoodle.


Christmas Product Alert!

The lovely girls even let us have a sneak peek at their Christmas Gift sets which I can share with you! There are a lot of Christmas products that I can’t wait to come out and look into further.

Clinique Dramatically Different Gel

Eras Chocolates

Not only did we get to look at the new lipsticks the lovely team from Eras Chocolate came along with a range of their Italian Artisan Cakes. All cake lovers like myself then just appreciate these beauties. These are not cakes, they are pieces of art! I chose the red rose (of course Belle fan over here). But, being me I didn’t take a picture of it before I devoured it! Though trust me, you can take my word it was AMAZING! Please check out their work here. And just to top it off the majority of their cakes are gluten free!

Eras Chocolates


I’d just like to say a massive thank you to Clinique for inviting me to this event! I had a great time and a special thank you to Helen, Lucy and Hannah for taking such good care of me.



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