What is your Clinique dramatically different id?

Yes you read that right! What is your Clinique id? Not sure? Think I’m going crazy and talking rubbish? Well not quite yet. Clinique have launched their brand new custom blend hydrator. For those of you who don’t stalk Clinique’s social media let me break down what their new product is.

Clinique id Dramatically Different Hydrator


Clinique are known for their dramatically different moisturiser it is one of their bestselling products and someone purchases one around every 3.7 seconds in the world! Now, this isn’t just any ordinary hydrator it comes in three variations. Lotion, gel or jelly. All targeted for different skin types from hydrating dry skin to controlling oil.

For me, I like to use the jelly on an everyday basis. You may or may not know but I’m very lazy and the jelly product absorbs into the skin so quickly. Which is perfect for people like myself who value extra time in bed and need to quickly hydrate the skin before rushing out of the door to uni.


This is the exciting new part! The cartridge. Us 21st century people need not only a moisturiser we need something to target our fine lines, uneven skin, fatigue or irritation. Now, this is super exciting! Not only is this product hydrating my skin it is also going to target my skin problems.

If you already weren’t convinced then this product is retailing for £36! That’s £36 for a moisturiser and specific treatment! I honestly think that is a great price especially since their moisturiser alone retails for £31. So, for £5 extra you’re getting a cartridge that will target your skin issues! I can’t get my head around the price for this product it is an absolute steal!

What’s your id?

There are 5 different cartridges on offer; irritation, pores & uneven texture, uneven skin tone, fatigue, and lines & wrinkles. Most importantly, these 5 concerns cover a large range of people’s skin issues. I love the fact there are different choices which I can choose and change to fit my skins needs. My skin sometimes can be uneven in texture however in say 6 months time my skin may have changed and I’ll need to address another issue which will be fatigue as I come to the end of my uni degree and endless all nighters.

Clinique id

Not only can you swap the cartridges but also the hydrators. At the minute I love using the jelly hydrator but on days when my skin is feeling extra dry I like to use the moisturising lotion hydrator. I find switching between the both directly solves my skins issues.


The product itself comes in the well known dramatically different jar but now it has the colourful addition of a cartridge in the centre. I love the fact that each cartridge is a different colour so I can easily go in store or send Matt to pick me up another bottle and know he won’t pick the wrong one. My first concern was will this product evenly distribute with each pump. To clarify, the answer is yes, the pump is split into two allowing 90% hydration base and 10% cartridge concentration. For me I love the fact that you can actually see the cartridge concentration in the hydration base when you pump it out.

My Clinique id!

For me, the best part was finding out my id. I kind of new what hydrator I would be as I already use their jelly on a daily basis and find it works well with my skin. But, for the cartridge I could do with most of them if I’m being honest. But, after the lovely Clinique consultants looked at my skin they decided that for now uneven texture & pores was the right cartridge for me. I 100% agree with this as I’m currently having a major breakout that is certainly down to me not maintaining my skin care routine over the Christmas break. I’ve learnt my lesson!

In short, I’m very excited to introduce this product into my 3 step skincare routine and see the difference it makes. You can purchase the product HERE and I highly recommend going into your local store and speaking to one of their consultants.

Do you know your Clinique id? If not go and find out and let me know!


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