Autumn Clinique Skincare Essentials || Blogtober Day Twelve

Clinique Dramatically different gel

The weather is cooling, the wind is picking up and the rain well it definitely comes and goes. But, all these changes effect our skin. I thought I’d share my secret to great skin using my Clinique Skincare Essentials. I’ve found the perfect way for me to maintain my skin during the autumnal months is through Clinique’s 3 step┬ádermatologist developed skin care system. The great thing about this system is that each step has a range of different products tailored to different skin types.

Clinique Three products


Choosing the Right product

The great thing about this three step process is they aren’t just 3 universal product for all skin types they are targeted. Not only this but most Clinique’s will let you try samples of the products first to see if you get on with their products. This is so important for me as i have very sensitive skin. I tried a couple of their pro cuts during a facial massage and my skin felt amazing. After discussing what products would be best we chose three products that I could use on an everyday basis. I’m very lazy when it comes to skincare as well and the thought of having to use a lot of products just doesn’t interest me. So, the best thing about this is it is only 3 steps and it is super quick. There’s no leaving products on for 10 minutes. It’s quick, easy and simple.


Step One

I selected the Liquid facial soap for oily skin. I do suffer from acne and have an extremely oily t-zone so this products is perfect for cleansing that area keeping the oil to a minimum. Also it leaves the skin feeling beautifully soft and clean.

Liquid facial soap

Now, another big thing is this is 100% fragrance. It’s all good and well having lovely smelling products but that isn’t something I want to put on my face and it is not something my face likes.


Step Two

Exfoliating. Now, I’m going to be truthfully honest I have never exfoliated in my life (yes I know that is probably really bad). I chose the clarifying lotion for very dry to dry skin. Now, even though I have a really oily t-zone the rest of my face is dry and lacks hydration no matter how much moisturiser I cake on my face. This is an alcohol free exfoliator which hydrates and soothes the skin leaving it feeling smooth and soft. This is my favourite step as it makes my feel awake probably because the product is at room temperature compared to the other two steps which are applied by my hands. It is also the most satisfying as you can see the rubbish that has come off your face on the cotton pads and there is something so satisfying knowing that your face is squeaky clean.

Exfoliating lotion

Step Three

The final step but an important one. Hydrating, I use the dramatically different hydrating jelly. At first this product did feel a little strange when pumping onto my fingers tips but it is actually cooling on the skin and acts as a perfect base for my makeup hydrating and evening my skin.

Clinique Dramatically different gel


I’ve found this skincare routine to be easy, time efficient and manageable which is so important with my busy university lifestyle. Also, I’m over a week in and my skin hasn’t reacted and I’ve noticed a difference already. My skin feels more hydrated and I’m definitely not as oily around my nose.


Have you tried Clinique’s 3 step skin care system? If you would like to see more about Clinique I recently reviewed their newest lipsticks & Christmas launches HERE.


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