Clinique x Bobbi Brown Christmas Event

I’m so excited to share with you the Christmas Clinique x Bobbi Brown event that I attended over a month ago. Seen as though it was Christmas themed I’ve saved all my pictures until now to share with you all! So, if you would like to know how to get that glowing skin through skincare and makeup then keep reading!


Clinique x Bobbi Brown: Skincare

The key to the perfect glow is skincare! If you can nail your skincare routine and achieve that natural glow then you will need minimal makeup! Now, I can vouch for Clinique’s skincare. I have seen a massive improvement in my skin since using their products. If you don’t believe me even my family and friends have noticed a huge difference. The only change is using Clinique skincare products. To see if it actually was down to that, I stopped using Clinique skincare products for two weeks and oh my! My skin is break out centre. It is so bad and the only thing it’s down to is not using Clinique skincare.

Clinique x Bobbi Brown Christmas Event Clinique x Bobbi Brown Christmas Event Clinique x Bobbi Brown Christmas Event






I cannot rave enough about their products and highly recommend going in store and talking to them. All their products are targeted at different skin types etc so you can’t just walk in and pick up a face cleanser and go. But, this is why I love it so much! I spent a couple of weeks sampling some products to see how my skin went on before buying them. Which I love, as you all know my skin is so sensitive and I didn’t want to buy something then have a reaction.


Clinique x Bobbi Brown: Makeup

Now, for makeup… The girls at Bobbi Brown showed us how to create a flawless day to night glowing makeup look. The key is a flawless base which is helped by glowing skin that has been nourished! They showed us how to use a range of products and adapt them depending on the look we wanted to achieve.

Clinique x Bobbi Brown

The secret to glowy makeup is minimal makeup but light products such as strobe cream and products that contain little specs of glitter!


Clinique x Bobbi Brown: Christmas

As it was a Christmas event we got a sneak peek at some of the Christmas gifts on offer from Clinique x Bobbi Brown this year! They even displayed them on a Christmas Tree which was the highlight of the event for me. Just imagine a Christmas tree full of beauty products, that is the dream!


A big thank you to the teams at Clinique x Bobbi Brown for inviting me to this amazing event! Fancy reading some more Blogmas posts? Click HERE!



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