Scrunchie Wars- I put Cosy Girls Club to the test!

Recently I came across a small independent business through a friend and thought I’d give one of their products a go. I am all for small independent businesses and supporting them as behind that business is a founder who had the original idea and is pouring their life into the company. So, when I discovered Cosy Girls Club and their scrunchies I couldn’t help but treat myself to a scrunchie!

As you all know if you’ve read my blog before my hair is very curly so finding hair bobbles that a) won’t snap and b) aren’t painful is a struggle. My hair likes to tangle itself around hair bobbles which is obviously extremely painful for me! So, when I came across Cosy Girls Club, I was excited to give their scrunchies a go.

The Brand

Cosy Girls Club is owned by Holly who is a friend of a friend if you get me? So, when I saw she had created this brand I obviously wanted to support her small company and treat myself. The first thing I loved about this brand was their Instagram is full of product pictures which is great for getting an idea of what the products actually look like and customer photos. which I always love because a customer won’t post a picture if they aren’t happy with the product.

scrunchie Cosy Girls club

Since ordering from them their company has evolved into a range of handmade accessories. From scrunchies to earrings they have a large range of accessories to suit everyones preferences. Their website is on Etsy which is super simple to navigate and purchase through. But, before I could purchase anything I needed to choose the scrunchie for me. Which was a tough decision as there was so many colours, materials and patterns to choose from.


The delivery was very quick with it taking just over a week, which factoring in time to sew the scrunchie is very quick. Also, the presentation of the package was amazing! The scrunchie came in a little floral postal bag and was wrapped in tissue paper. There was even a sweet treat inside too. All the little details that make unwrapping your order so special!

Throughout the delivery process I was updated by Etsy. But, also by the company who put Instagram Stories when the delivery was ready to go out.

The Scrunchie

So, for the nitty-gritty. The scrunchie I selected, in the end, was a pink satin scrunchie. As I thought my hair was less likely to get tangled around it and it would also be comfy to wear when I sleep. As I can’t stand my hair being down when I’m sleeping. The scrunchie has the perfect elasticity, especially for my thick mane. I’ve used the scrunchie to tie my hair in a pony tail and also a bun. Which is really the test as a bun is, substantially bigger as there is more hair for the scrunchie to hold.

scrunchie Cosy Girls Club

This scrunchie is amazing and has become my go to hair accessory to add a bit of colour with minimal effort.

I will 100% be purchasing more accessories from Cosy Girls Club in the future! If you’d like to read more of my brand reviews click HERE.

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