Dealing with the Stress of Deadlines, Assignments and Exams

It is getting to that time of the year when you are flooded with assignments, deadlines and Exams. The pressure is on, whether you are taking your GCSE’s, A-Levels, or University Degree. I always think the run up to Summer is where the stress levels increase and the amount of work triples if not more. My last assignment is done and boy am I glad. I felt the pressure to find time to complete all 3 of my assignments in time. So I thought why not share my tips and tricks on dealing with the stress of this time of the year and balancing it so you can still enjoy yourself.


Tip One- Balancing is key

No not that type of balancing, I don’t mean balancing on one leg I mean balancing your work load! When you’ve got tons of work to revise, write and complete the last thing you feel like you have is time for yourself. But, it is key you balance your time well so you can have some time away from all the work to enjoy yourself and give your brain a rest. I know if I do too much work then my brain can’t cope and turns to jelly, when this happens I always take some time off even if it is just to watch a tv programme or have a shower. It makes the world of difference to have some time to not be thinking about all the work I have to do.

Tip Two- Plan, Plan, Plan

I remember when I was doing my GCSE’s my teachers always lectured me on planning and creating a timetable for revising and I never understood why it was so important, until NOW. Personally, I wish I had listened to my teachers back then as honestly, planning and creating a timetable is one of the best things you can do. I love on an everyday basis to have an idea of what work I’m going to complete especially on the run up to my deadlines. Planning what work I’m going to do when I can ensures I’m going to get all my work done in enough time. Sometimes, I may even finish a week early so I can have a week if I fall behind before my deadlines instead of leaving it until the last minute and having the biggest stress.

Tip Three- Enjoy yourself

I know you’re thinking how can I enjoy myself? Well, at this point in your life it may seem like the work you’re doing is the worst. You feel like it’s never going to end? In reality this is a tiny piece of your life as the worst is yet to come. I would take doing my GCSE’s any day, I wish I would of had more fun and relaxed instead of stressing as much as I did. That’s something I have taken on board whilst at uni and I’m making the most of every single day!

I hope all my tips and tricks help you during this stressful period! Also let me know any of your tips and tricks.

Brooke x

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