December Goals – Blogmas, Events & Last minute gifts

I cannot believe I’m writing this but it is December and the official countdown to Christmas is on! Oh my, I’m full of excitement, nerves but mostly love for my favourite festive time of the year. Yes the Christmas films have begun, the decorating is on pause until my boyfriend agrees (he’s a little bah humbug!) but most importantly Blogmas and Brookemas are under way. So, what better way to start them off than outlining my December Goals.


December Goals

December Goals- 1

This one is pretty obvious but it is to complete Blogmas and Brookemas in one piece. I hold my hand up to anyone who attempts, completes or fails Blogmas and Vlogmas because it’s bloody well hard! I’m not only bombarding myself with all of that but I’m setting myself the challenge of being proud of every single post and video and I have very high standards for myself (I’m my own worst critic).


December Goals- 2

I wouldn’t say this year has been the worst but it hasn’t been the best! It’s been a year full of development, learning and experiences. I did my first paid collaboration, attended my first blogging event, hit 1,000 followers on Twitter. But most importantly made some life changing careers decisions. So, for the remaining month of 2018 I would like to have a positive but fun month and just take whatever is thrown my way with a smile on my face.


December Goals- 3

Organisation is something I’ve always been good at but this month I need to take it to the next level. I have two university deadlines, a dissertation as well as daily blog posts and YouTube videos to manage. Organisation is going to be the key to making this month successful. I’m going to try and get as much university work done before Christmas as possible so that I can have the week of Christmas off to spend time with family and then celebrate my third anniversary with Matt without stressing about university work.


December Goals- 4

I want to push myself more this month. This year in general has been a rollercoaster for my mental health. It’s certainly challenged me. But this month I want to challenge my mental health by pushing myself to step out of my comfort zone.


I want to attend more events, go out to Christmas Markets and feel more comfortable filming and taking pictures in public.


December Goals- 5

Become as festive as possible. As, December is the month of festivities. You bet I’ll be wearing Christmas clothes, watching Christmas films and listening to Christmas songs all month long?!

December Goals

One of my university friends suggested, to watch a Christmas film a day on the run up to Christmas as a countdown (Thanks Louise for the idea!).


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