Disney Inspired Outfit Look

One thing that I love more than makeup is Disney! I adore Disney, whether it’s their films, clothes, characters or theme parks. I LOVE it all.  I always believed that it was only acceptable to wear Disney “themed” clothing whilst at DisneyLand. But recently I thought why? Especially since Primark has continuous lines of clothing that are Disney themed. So I’ve started to combine my passion and love for Disney with fashion and I love it. To most people who aren’t big followers you may not understand the Disney slogan tops but for those who do it’s a perfect way to add a bit of the magic into everyday life.


Now I am in no way a model or even close, I am one of the most awkward people when placed in front of a camera to take pictures. It’s something I’m learning more about every time, so for now here are some semi-awkward outfit pictures of me. I wanted to be able to achieve a subtle Disney look and by subtle I mean, being able to go out in public and not being anxious or worried that people are going to stare at me. I think I achieved that perfectly. By teaming my top up with some Primark ripped jeans and khaki jacket.


This gorgeous Primark top which is looks amazing on. I decided to tie a knot in the front just to jazz it up a bit and also I’m quite a small person and find tops are slightly too long on me.  I just love this top because, A) Belle is my favourite princess, so the fact that the top states that just makes me so happy. B) I love the rose detail around the writing which is a subtle hint to the Beauty & the Beast film. C) I think slogan t-shirts are a real big hit at the minute, it’s super easy to throw on with a pair of jeans and you can dress up or dress down a slogan t-shirt.

I’d love to know what your favourite Disney film is and if you have any themed clothing?

       – Brooke –

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