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Marvel Characters

I’m back with another Disney post, today I’m going to be giving you the inside scoop on the new Marvel Package which Disneyland Paris is currently offering until September 30th 2018. This packages includes loads of extra exclusive bonuses.


American Buffet with Marvel Character Encounter 

Now, if you are a Marvel fan like myself the chance to meet the Marvel characters itself is amazing. I have previously met Spider Man at Disneyland Paris but this opportunity included the chance to meet Thor or Captain America or Black Widow. So, you can imagine my excitement because Captain America is my favourite the thought of meeting him makes me turn into a small child seeing their idol for the first time. Why this happens I have no clue. Anyway, back to the American themed buffet. The Encounter and meal is located in Hotel NewYork’s Manhattan Restaurant. All food is Marvel themed from green Hulk burger buns to Captain America Cake pops. This buffet was something else.


Of course the desserts were my favourite and I just couldn’t help myself and had to sample everything. The attention to detail at this meal made it so special and magical. Once we were shown to our table a card was placed telling us to wait until a special agent came to collect us to meet a Marvel Character. Of course, the anticipation of what character we would be meeting was setting in and I had to mentally prepare myself incase it was Captain America because I didn’t want to embarrass myself at 20 years and faint. In the meantime, I managed to eat plenty more food.


Not only did all the food look amazing, it tasted even better. There was such a wide variety and something for everyone. All of my family came away from this meal full. Then the time came. Our secret agent greeted us and escorted us. Low and behold stood in front of me was not only Captain America but Thor as well. You’ll be glad to know I managed to keep myself together as best as I could.

Captain America & Thor

Not only did we get to meet both of these on leaving the meal Black Widow was now doing the meet and greet with Thor. Well, I must of gasped loud enough and we were asked if we also like to meet Black Widow. This made my night the fact that we had met 3 Marvel Characters as we were only expecting to meet one, maybe two at a push.


€60 Gift Card

Included in this package each room is given a €60 gift card to spend at any shop within the Disney Parks or Disney Village. Me and Matt used our gift card to treat ourselves to a few bits and bobs from the shops. I will be doing a haul on my YouTube Channel HERE on all the products we bought.


Disney Photo Pass

Now, if you’re going to Disney and want the best quality pictures with characters and on the rides then I 100% recommend getting a photo pass. The photo pass allows you to access all photos taken by professional photographers at character encounters and certain rides. I love having a photo pass as I can ensure that all the photos with characters will be clear (unlike if a member of staff was trying to take a photo on one of your devices).


Exclusive Encounter with Spider Man

I have already met Spider Man but I was so excited to meet him again. This meet and greet is exclusive to this package. We were given a voucher which we had to present to a kiosk in Disney Studios. When presented we were lead to a normal looking building from the outside but inside was spider man. We didn’t have to queue to meet him and spent a good 5 minutes having conversations with him which is rare in Disney to have such a long opportunity.

Spider Man

Overall I would 100% recommend including this package when booking a holiday to Disneyland Paris. We had an amazing time on this holiday. This package was the cherry on top for us and made it a trip to remember.


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Brooke x


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