Disneyland Paris snacks under €5

Iron Man biscuit

Food in Disneyland Paris can be pricey, so here are my favourite snacks under €5 to help you save money whilst having the best time. Having fun can be hard work and sometimes you just need a snack to put you on until your next meal. Now eating healthy at Disney, is a little hard so if you’re looking for healthy snacks then I’m sorry but this post isn’t going to be helpful. But, if you’re looking for unhealthy snacks them this is the post for you!


Iron Man Shortbread

Sometimes all you need is a little snack in the parks to put you on until your next meal. Well if you’re anything like me then the snack has to look appealing too. When I saw a picture on Disneyland’s Instagram I knew I needed to try this shortbread out. Of course, I have a massive sweet tooth so there was no doubt that I had to try this biscuit but the fact that I could eat iron mans face just made me chuckle. The biscuit itself was nice it wasn’t anything to rave about it was just a biscuit. But, I love the idea and the theming of the biscuit which co-insides with the Marvel Summer that is currently underway at Disneyland Paris.

snack iron man shortbread



Now, for many years I have visited Disneyland Paris and always said I wanted to try a Brookie as my childhood nickname was Brookie Cookie. I know you’re probably thinking Brooke what is a Brookie? Well, a Brookie is a brownie and cookie combined. If I’m totally honest I only wanted to buy one because it sounded like my name and I wanted a picture holding one but, it actually tasted really good. This was Matt’s favourite snack of the trip and he devoured it.


Brookie snack



Cactus Biscuit

Disneyland Paris, have now turned one of their cafes into a CoCo themed restaurant. So, of course I had to sample some of their sweet treats on offer. I did treat myself to a cactus biscuit but also their famous Hot Co Co which is a marshmallow flavoured hot chocolate with whip cream and marshmallows. Now, I like to think of myself as a hot chocolate connoisseur. Let me tell you, this hot chocolate was AMAZING! Like unbelievable! This was one of the best hot chocolates I’ve ever had and I’m kind of upset that I left it until our last day to try it. I didn’t actually take a picture of the hot chocolate (I was way too excited to drink it) but I did get a short clip of it which will be on my YouTube channel which you can watch HERE.

Cactus Biscuit


Have you ever been to Disney or tried any of their snacks?

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