Do I suck at life?

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If you’re like me then I’m sure you’ve asked yourself this question on a regular basis. Can’t balance your life, struggling to cope with daily tasks, driving yourself up the wall? Me too! But, just know you’re not alone and I’m pretty sure you DON’T suck at life! We all have our off days, maybe off months or years but that doesn’t define who we are.

I don’t think I sucked in this photo I was actually on top of the world in Disneyland Paris kicking my anxieties butt!

Finding a balance

The hardest thing for me is finding the perfect balance between part time work, university, having a life and maintaining a flat. I’m pretty sure perfect doesn’t exist so lets replace that perfect more like an equal balance thats maintainable. Sometimes taking some time out of your day to have a minute to yourself, read a chapter of your book, spend some time with your loved ones makes the biggest difference. I know when I’m struggling to balance everything I like to write a list of everything I’ve got to do to get it out of my head and then take sometime to myself. Whether that’s going around to mine or my boyfriends families houses and spend some time there, distracted. I feel like I’m escaping my responsibilities for a short while to relax and deal with the fact that I have 100 jobs to do and only 1 hour to complete them.



Now, I’m not going to lie I suck at friendships! I can’t pinpoint what it is about them that I suck at but I do. Maybe its my relaxed approach, I’m not one to constantly text a friend. I’m here if you need me no matter what but I forget to message people, stay in contact and do regular friend things. I mean if regular friend things is even a thing? You know what I mean, like going out shopping, having sleepovers etc. Not having a lot of money definitely contributes to my lack of meeting friends especially during the holidays. Hopefully I’ll improve with my friendships and be a good friend as time goes on.


I’m pretty sure there is many positive things about me and you too!

I’m the first to hold my hands up and admit I can be a negative Nancy (sorry to all the Nancy’s out there, I’m sure you aren’t negative it’s just an unlucky name pun). I sometimes   let’s be honest most of the time pin point the negative aspects first. This is something I am working on but I’m pretty sure there are a lot of positives too. I hate talking about the good parts of me, it’s just not something I feel comfortable with. But here I go, I can be very motivated at times, if I put my mind to it I will do everything I possibly can! I will support people as much as I can whether that’s my friends, family, bloggers or strangers. Here’s a little challenge for you, comment three positive comments about yourself! ( I know you don’t want to, but if I’ve been brave enough to share mine please share yours!)


Before the good there has to be the bad

I know it’s hard to see this during a bad time but trust me the good times will come soon! I’ve been there, struggling to see how life could throw a positive thing my way, but it does! Recently I’ve had many testing times (too many for my liking) but there’s also been so many great times! Sometimes, it’s hard to recognise the good times after the bad. But, if you try and recognise one positive thing a day before going to sleep, you will start to see that the good times are coming.


So, if you’re still telling yourself that you suck at life then think again because I’m telling you, YOU DON’T SUCK AT LIFE!!!! I think you’re a pretty awesome person that is and will do great things!


Brooke x


14 thoughts on “Do I suck at life?

  1. I loved this post Brooke! I feel like I suck at life, just trying to balance everything is a nightmare. I’m also the same with friendships, I really struggle to keep them and maintain friendships, I’m just not that type of person.

    I know you don’t suck at life – you’re amazing! The way to handle everything and still be as positive as you can is the best! Keep doing you.
    Liz xx

    1. Thank you!😭 I’ve learnt a lot recently and I’m pretty sure you don’t suck at life either! You’re a great friend I class you as one of my friends! Sometimes with friendships you’ve just got to find someone who’s on the same page as you and that is the hardest challenge☺️x

    1. Yes I don’t think I’ll ever find a perfect balance but it’s learning to accept that, that is the most important thing! Thank you for reading!☺️x

  2. You definitely don’t suck at life! You seem so lovely from what I know of you and you’re so super pretty too. Three positive things about myself would be I’m supportive, resilient and empathetic. We all have our flaws and I think it makes you a lot nicer and more powerful as a person to know your own. Great post girly!
    Alice Xx

  3. I think as long as we’re trying to live our best life, we don’t suck… There’s no solid rule on what we need to do (though let’s not have violence, yeah?) to be the best. It is so important to find a balance in the things you do. I’m all about the work-life balance because if you have too much work, you won’t have enough time in the “life” part to recover your energy. Friendships make things a whole lot better. There are lots of positive things – I mean sometimes, we take things for granted and need to step back and consider: “At least __ could’ve been worse.” Thanks for sharing the positive vibes!

    Nancy ♥

    1. Thank you for reading and I totally agree with you! Sometimes I have to take a step back and remind myself that I’m lucky to be here I know family members that aren’t and I should be grateful for the life I have☺️x

  4. Great post to read! This definitely relates to me because I feel like I suck terribly at life lol. The negative thing is me all the way. Just have to keep working to change my mindset. Three positive comments i said about myself was that i’m caring, give good advice, and i’m good at making people laugh. 💕

    1. I love the fact you give good advice! I’m the opposite I’m that person that unintentionally gives the worst advice like telling you to treat yourself to that £100 bundle of makeup😂x

  5. I love this post! You definitely don’t suck at life! I really struggle with finding a balance and a list does really help. Also just escaping from the flat for an hour for a drive or a walk really helps!

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