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Let’s be honest when we think about Disney we think magical, happy, perfect but sometimes that’s not completely the truth.  I love Disney, like adore don’t get me wrong but sometimes a Disney holiday isn’t what you expect. For many it’s a trip of a lifetime, you’ve saved up for ages and you want it to be perfect. But, sometimes it is’t perfect! So, I thought I’d share my expectation and reality of my Disney holiday.



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Lets all be honest a trip to Disney WILL be perfect right? Perfect weather, amazing memories filled with happiness and of course a fabulous time! You get to meet all your favourite characters and more. The weather is beautiful, not too warm but not too cold that perfect in between where the sun is slightly shining and you don’t have to wear a coat but it isn’t too warm that you’re melting. Money is no object so you can buy whatever food you like and presents. Too right you’ve got them amazing Disney photos, the one kissing Mickey, the classic standing in front of the castle and of course a picture of your ears around the castle!



The weather is cold, rainy and dreary! You can’t get the right picture because it’s too over exposed and you look like a white ghost, then everyone walks behind you whilst you’re trying to get that perfect picture in front of the castle. And, lets not even mention that lovely picture kissing Mickey were you’re awkwardly stood. Then theres the cost for food and snacks and as much as you’d love to eat whatever you want your budget 100% doesn’t support that.

But, it’s not all doom and gloom the reality is you have an amazing holiday and make amazing memories. Not everything can be perfect, obviously you can’t control the weather but you can control your own fun levels. I know my recent trip was filled with fun, laughter, sadness and happy memories. Even when it was lashing it down with rain I still found something to make the situation better and smile. Disney will always be a magical place to me but I want people to know it’s not perfect. Maybe this is  because unfortunately perfection is something we strive for but does it really exist? A holiday to Disney is what you make of it and if you make it the trip you want them you will have an amazing time!


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4 thoughts on “expectation VS reality Disneyland Paris 2018

  1. Omg I feel like I needed to read this, like it was meant to be 😂 we’ve been thinking of saving up for our Disneyland trip ready for when little chunky is older and my partner was just saying the other day how the food and drink is soooo overpriced. Not to mention it’s so much more expensive if you don’t get an all inclusive package with a hotel already booked for you. I totally agree though, the weather has a huge impact on your holiday where ever you go and unfortunately we have no control over that 😔 I loved reading your post. Finally some honesty about holidays people make look perfect 💕


    1. Thank you so much for reading!☺️ It is an amazing place to go but you definitely make the holiday what you want! I have done half board meal plans in the past and found this the best way to save money on food x

  2. I love this! I went to Disney in America when I was younger, and it was truly magical. I’ve wanted to go to Disney in Paris for a while now, but I’m sure without the Florida sunshine it may be a bit different, and adding to that I’d have to pay for it myself now! Then again, I don’t think my excitement levels would have changed too much from 13 year old to now! x


    1. I still get the Disney excitement I did when I was a child. I think even more so when I’m paying for it but the weather is a massive factor there is only so much rain you can put up with x

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