F@ck You Cancer!

F@ck You Cancer!


As someone who’s been secondary affected by cancer I want to say one thing… F@ck You Cancer!


I haven’t been personally affected by cancer firsthand but have lost a loved one close to me due to this. What cancer has caused to not only my lost loved one but the turmoil it has left behind is heart breaking. And that thing that hurts me the most is according to Stand up to Cancer 1 in 2 of us will be affected by cancer at some point in our life time! 1 in 2 of us, just let that sink in for a minute! No one in my opinion should be affected by cancer but unfortunate we live in a world were it exists.

F@ck You Cancer!

The pain

Watching someone you love go through the pain that cancer causes is heartbreaking. You always want to remember the good times with them but you can’t avoid the times you saw them cry in pain, the person that was stood in front of me wasn’t the person I knew, the swollen face, the ability not to open their eyes, eat or live a normal life that is what cancer wants us to remember but F@ck You Cancer that’s not what I’ll remember!

I’ll remember the amazing person, an auntie, daughter, sister, cousin, friend, teacher, dancer! Someone who inspired everyone they met and lived their life to the full. In the face of even cancer she laughed, she even personally told you, F@ck You Cancer! Because, although you took her life away, you didn’t control it she showed you that no matter what you threw in her path she wouldn’t let that stop her!


The aftermath

Not many people talk about the aftermath other than the lost one. But, what about the family they leave behind? The whole in the family, community or work? Am I selfish for focusing on the affect that, that death has on their family? I don’t think I am as someone who has firsthand witnessed the turmoil.

The fractured family who’s glue that held it together gone. Having to go through that person’s belonging wanting to keep every little thing because it was their’s and their are never going to come back no matter how much you wish! This for me was the biggest realisation, that they’re gone! The whole way through I was aware that, that day would come but when it did it didn’t feel right. I always thought I walk into my nans house and you’d be there I still do over 3 years later! Life will never be the same for my family, but we’ve had to adapt our lives to keep going.


But what can we do?

Now, I wish I could find a chuffing cure for cancer but lets be honest I’m Brooke from Sheffield and haven’t got a clue. But, by donating and supporting charities such as Stand Up to Cancer we can fund groundbreaking research that could save lives! If you don’t believe me let me hit you with some statistics


In the 1970s only 1 in 4 survived cancer


2 in 4 survive cancer NOW!


It’s predicted that by 2034 3 in 4 will survive cancer!


As someone who has a lost a loved one I wish I could take away cancer from the world because no one should have to experience it! But because I can’t in the meantime I will share my families story and donate in any way possible! Because, I have one message and one message only…


F@ck You Cancer! 


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