Finding my happy place || Blogtober Day Eighteen

Will I ever find my happy place? I don’t think I will 100% be or find my happy place because I don’t think that exists. But, I’m slowly trying to find my happy places and work on myself. Within life it is easy to focus on the negatives but it’s important no matter what you’re going through or how you feel to find your happy places and focus on that! So, what do I mean by Finding my happy place? Well here I go…


Letting my hair down


Finding my happy place Letting My hair down

I guess you could say I’m not your typical university student. I don’t go out every night drinking I spend my time stressing about my university work. But, sometimes I need to let my hair down and enjoy myself. Thanks to blogging I get to experience that. No matter what my anxiety throws at me I always try to make every blogging event I’m invited to because that is my time to focus on something else and enjoy it. I recently attended the new Pitcher & Piano launch which you can read HERE and it was an opportunity for me to relax, have some drinks and take pictures of the beautiful bar. I got to sit and enjoy the company of my boyfriend and friend and just talk about everything and anything and most importantly laugh!




Finding my happy place Support


No matter what life throws my way I am always overwhelmed by the amount of support that is around me. Especially from my boyfriend who has to deal with a lot but has stuck by my side through my ongoing journey and hasn’t complained. I acknowledge it can’t be easy for him and it must be frustrating not knowing how to help but by him just staying that helps.


I also have to thank my family and shout out my sister as I know she reads this and always mentions that I don’t acknowledge her on her own! So Annie thank you for being my sister and teaching me a lot!



Learning to love myself

Finding my happy place Learning to love myself

Now, this is always going to be an ongoing thing for me. I’ve always struggled loving myself, I am my own worse enemy. And, I’ll hold my hands up and admit that! So, I guess what I’m trying to say is that I need to work on this and that’s the next part of my journey…


Learning to love myself!




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