5 free things to do during Winter

Winter is a cold, dreadful month and finding something to do to fill time seems impossible. Especially on a budget when you have presents to save up for! So, I’ve compiled 5 free things to do during Winter to pass the time but also save you money!



I love going on little walks no matter what the season. But, I seem to love them more during Winter. Maybe it’s because it’s so cold  you have to wrap up and then can come home to the warmth? I also love taking along my camera and phone to take as many pictures as possible whilst I’m out.

There are so many beautiful places you can walk around for free near where you live. From public bridal ways to city centres.


Pamper Evening

With Christmas on the horizon the stress levels are maxed out trying to get them last minute gifts. So, a pamper evening is a must have! I love popping on a face mask and listening to a pod cast. This way I don’t feel too guilty as I’m not spending a large amount of time relaxing and doing nothing but I’m still getting that much needed time to myself.

My favourite face masks at the minute are Holler and Glow from Primark as they’re sheet masks so aren’t messy to apply and take off! I also love listening to Pretty Basic the podcast by Alisha & Remi on apple podcast.



My boyfriend is a little bah humbug so we don’t decorate officially for Christmas until 2 weeks before at the earliest. So, instead I’ve started a little tradition of decorating for winter. I love to get out some throws, large pillows and hot water bottles. All the winter homeware necessities! I also have a Christmas scented candle that I like to light on an evening.

Movie Night

I love films and Winter time is the perfect excuse for endless Christmas movie nights. I’ve even created a little Christmas movie wish list this year of all the films I would like to watch before Christmas. If I being 100% honest I’ve only managed 2 Christmas films so far so I need to up my game up really.

Also, movie nights means hot chocolate (which I love) so snuggling up with my fluffy throw, a hot chocolate and a Christmas film is the perfect winter evening for me!


Christmas Market

Is it Christmas if you don’t visit a Christmas Market? Not only are they free but they’re perfect for taking an unlimited amount of Christmas photos. Every year I drag my boyfriend along with me to get some Christmas photos for here and instagram (much to his delight).

5 free things to do during winter

Also, Christmas Markets have so many small independent businesses and it’s lovely to support them all year around but especially at Christmas. I always find some present gems at Christmas Markets!


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