Happy Gingerbread Day!- Brooke vs Matt

To celebrate Gingerbread Day, me and my boyfriend thought it would be fun to have a battle to see who could make the best Gingerbread house.

Gingerbread House 

So, in my head I thought we would have a decent size gingerbread house and I thought I’d bought a small one each…

I didn’t realised I’d bought a miniature gingerbread house which made this challenge even harder as it was so small and delicate. By small I mean smaller than my hand! (Kit from B & M) 


Neither of us have previous skills that could help us. We aren’t arty people, I mean I like makeup but I wouldn’t say I was talented! So, really it was pretty fair and even as to who would win you’d think?

The Icing 

Step one was to warm the bag of icing. This took forever for me as I always have cold hands. Whereas Matt on the other hand is a hot water bottle within a minute his icing was warm and ready. I saw this as my opportunity to scope out what he was going to do next!

The house

Even though the house was small enough that you couldn’t fit a lego man in we was working with it. Matt started to unwrap each part of his house with the scissors. Risky I know! Whilst I was still warming up my icing and waiting for him to crack one of his pieces. 

Assembling Time 

The scary part for me as this could either make it or break it I guess. Matt was way ahead but having issues sticking down his pieces without them falling. I’d taken the time whilst warming up my icing to assess the situation. The best way of tackling this was to ice one piece at a time and use my other spare pieces as support whilst it dried. Matt on the other hand was taking a do it all at once approach and slowly watching his house walls fall down one by one. 


Now we both had all four walls and a roof it was time to decorate. This part I was dreading as the kit only had small multi-colour balls. I just knew they would end up everywhere! Matt’s design looked so much better than mine and the competition started to get to me. I couldn’t deal with Matt winning and having that as bragging rights over Christmas. I went for the less is more approach and focused on important icing on the roof, door and floor. Whereas Matt got a bit carried away you could say with the roof and door and ran out of icing before he could start the other side of his house! 

Who’s the winner 

So it is fair me and Matt have decided to let you vote to see which one wins! I think mine is the winner and Matt obviously thinks his is so this is the fairest way to decide. So who do you think? House one (left) or House two (right)


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