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GRWM for an Event – My go to event makeup!

It’s about time I did a GRWM and I thought I’d incorporate it with an event I’m attending. Now, I wish this was a super professional makeup look but it’s real life! I’m no make up artist just simply me sharing what makeup I use. The majority of the makeup included in this GRWM is my current favourites and after a lot of experimenting I’ve found the perfect makeup for going to an event. I experimented with eye makeup which I normally avoid as I’m not comfortable working with it or wearing it!

GRWM for an event

GRWM: Base

The first step of my GRWM is moisturising. Before, I put any makeup on I have to moisturise. My favourite moisturiser to apply before an event is Clinique Pep-Start HydroBlur Moisturiser. This moisturiser is perfect for hydrating the skin but also smoothening it out to create an even appearance.

Next, I like to prime my skin. This is so important when going out to an event. I need my makeup to stay in place for a longer period of time and still look flawless by the end of the event. My current primer is Rimmel London Fix & Perfect primer. This is a super affordable primer that helps smooth out the skin and create that perfect smooth and flawless base.

GRWM: Foundation

Now, I’ve perfected my base, it’s time for foundations and my o all time favourite foundation is…

Kiko liquid skin foundation. is the best natural foundation! It is literally like your skin but better. It’s super light weight formula evens out your skin perfectly. I find this just covers my acne and blemishes but isn’t heavy and cakey. Price wise it is a little on the more expensive side at £18.90 but it is 100% worth the price. This is my go to foundation and I honestly can’t recommend it enough! If you already weren’t convinced then this foundation is SPF 15 as well. Protecting your skin from the damaging sun rays on a daily basis.

GRWM: Concealers

I’m sure this won’t come as a surprise but of course Revolution Conceal & Define is one of my favourite concealers! At £4 it is an absolute steal. Even better, it is AMAZING! If you’re looking for a heavy duty, long wearing concealer then this is the one for you! It currently has an amazing shade range with over 18 shades.

But, I do like to layer my concealer lightly when going out to an event. I love Revolution concealer but I find it can slightly crease in my eye lines so I like to use a small amount of one of the most loved concealers…

Collection Lasting Perfection concealer. What a concealer, perfect light weight, natural looking concealer. I find this just brightens up the under eyes perfectly. To highlight the high points on my face I also like to apply it to the end of my nose, cupids bow and a little on my forehead. I find this creates a nice natural looking highlight. Also, at £3.99 it is a bargain and they have released a few more shades including shade 0 Extra Fair which is the perfect highlighting shade for me. So, if like me you’re pale and can’t find a concealer light enough to brighten under your eyes then you need to try this.

GRWM: Setting

I have to set my makeup in place with powder or my skin shortly turns into an oily mess and my makeup smears everywhere. Glamorous right! I love to set my under eyes and bake them using Makeup Revolutions Bake & Finish Powder. This is incredible! If you are pale like me then you don’t need to leave it on long to bake I recommend 3-5 mins max as if not I find it is too bright and white.

Whilst my under eyes are baking I like to set the rest of my face with Rimmel London Stay Matte Powder. Another staple powder for me! At £3.99 you can’t go wrong. It is one of them powders that I love to throw into my handbag for when I’m out and about and need a touch up.

GRWM: Brows

Now, I like to do my eyebrows before my eyes as I think it frames my face and makes it so much easier to do my eye makeup. I have used this eyebrow product for over a year now and haven’t found anything better. Revolution Pro Brow Pomade is my go to brow product for creating either natural or intense brows. This products is so good, I cannot rave about it enough. It has 2.5g of product which doesn’t sound a lot but trust me it is loads.

Once my brows are looking half decent because lets be honest they never look on fleek (do people still say that?) I like to set them using Benefit Gimmie Brow. This product has come from the Gods! It is so good at setting my brows in place and for them days when I can’t be bothered. Let’s be honest most days except from when I have events. On these days, I only use this product because it is that good!

GRWM: Eyes

I’m probably doing my makeup in all the wrong order. But, I like to do my eyes next. My go to eyeshadow palette at the minute is Urban Decays Naked 3. I know I’m a little late jumping on the bandwagon but I have to say I’m so glad I invested in this palette. In my crease, I like to use the shade Limit as a transition shade. I find this shadow blends so effortlessly. For my outer corner I like to use Nooner just to add a bit of definition to the eye look. To finish it off I like to use Buzz all over my eye lid to add a bit of sparkle. Then, I like to blend it all together.

Of course, I need a bit of mascara because other wise I look crazy! For mascara I like to use Clinique high impact mascara. This does what it says on the tin. It creates a volume, elongated look. So, if you’re like me and have naturally short and stubby lashes then this is the mascara for you!

GRWM: Cheeks

I’m obsessed with contouring and bronzing at the minute. I feel my cheek bones naturally have a little definition to them but I love to define them more. To do this I use Kiko Flawless Fusion Bronzer. I use this to both contour and bronze for a more natural appearance. Very lightly applying this to my cheek bones to create that natural look. I like to blend on my cheeks using small circular motions. Then, I like to take it up onto my forehead to add a bit of colour seen as though I’m practically a ghost.

Of course, a look isn’t complete for me without a bit of blush. My go to has to be NYX powder blush in the shade Mauve. With this blush less is more as it is super pigmented! You need to lightly dab your brush into this product then tap on the side of the packaging before applying. I love to apply it to the apples of my cheeks to create that natural flushed look. It also adds a bit of colour to my very pale complexion.

GRWM: Highlight

No makeup look is complete for me without highlight. I love it! Revolution Ultra Pro Glow is an amazing, super affordable highlighting palette. There is a shade in this palette for everyone. I love to combine the two gold colours when going to an event. This creates a more intense highlight but still looks natural. I love to apply this to the tops of my cheeks, cupids bow, bottom of my nose and under my brows. I always find this highlight looks amazing when the light catches my highest points.

GRWM: Lips

My favourite part of makeup is doing my lips. Ever since I was a little girl I loved lipstick and that hasn’t changed! My favourite combo at the minute is Gosh Lip Liner in Nougat Crisp. This lip liner is waterproof, so it is perfect for them events when drinks are involved as I know my lip liner is going to stay in place.

To top my lips I love using Revlon Kiss Plumping Lip creme in the shade Barely Blush. Now, when I first bought this I was like no way is it going to plump my lips! Well, boy was I wrong! This lip plumping cream is amazing. I love the way it gives my lips a natural plump look and has a sheen to it.

So, that’s how I go from my natural crazy looking self to a semi-decent looking human. If you want to GRWM for an event then please watch my tutorial to see how all these products look. Maybe, there will be more GRWM’s in the near future for different events such as uni, birthdays etc.

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