Happiness Planner Review: the good and the bad!

At the start of this year, I invested in the Happiness Planner. A planner that helps you to keep track of your happiness basically. I have used this product quite a few times this year however, not as much as I’d of liked. If you’re like me and forgetful then try to set a reminder on your phone.


First of all, how gorgeous is the Planner? It’s a pastel blue and pink with rose gold accents. It also came with this rose gold pen and two bull dog clips. I love the layout of this Planner, each day has notes, to do section, what you want to achieve, a food record and goals. For people who are very goal motivated, this Planner is made for you! I love to write lists and I enjoyed being able to write a daily list in one place.


The best thing about this Planner is being able to record over the year your emotions, achieved goals and day to day life. I loved looking back through each day and seeing how much I’ve progressed emotionally, I’m no longer as stressed and worried, instead I’m managing my work load a lot better and tracking how I feel.

What is your favourite product of this year? I would definitely recommend checking out the Happiness Planner and investing in one!

Brooke x

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