Happy Halloween! || Blogtober Day Thirty One

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope you’re all having an amazing Halloween celebrating however you choose. If you’re like me and have no real plans don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll still get to eat plenty of chocolate and sweets.

Happy Halloween

Of course, I have to include a little photo of yours truly and Matt. We may not be dressing up this year but who knows we could be two new superheroes?! We also have our superhero stance ready, we just need some super powers! I mean if you weren’t quaking before you are now at that fist stance I’m giving you, I guess super strength may have to be my super power.


I hope your day is filled with fun, I know I’m going to carve pumpkins watch Halloween films and eat as much candy and chocolate as I possibly can. Now, I won’t be dressing up as I have no where to go or a door to answer for trick or treaters (I live in student accommodation). But, I’m still going to be scrolling through twitter and instagram to admire everyone else’s outfits and have a nosy at what everyone else is up to. Also, I’m all down for a student accommodation trick or treat, like can you imagine that would be amazing!


Whatever you choose to do make sure you stay safe! And most importantly have fun and don’t eat too many sweets!


Also, a big thank you for sticking with me through Blogtober! It’s been 31 days full of fun. I have had so much fun doing this and learnt so much about myself by doing it. I can’t wait for my next challenge bring on Blogmas.


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