Happy New Year – 2018 Roundup!

2018 is well and truly over! So, as we welcome the new year I thought I’d reflect back on 2018 and summarise it. It wasn’t a perfect year but I don’t think there ever will be a perfect year because perfect doesn’t exist. Starting 2018 I was bright eyed and bushy tailed hoping for a year of fun, adventure and self-exploration. Some of that I managed but there was a lot more unexpected twists and turns along the way, some for the best some not.

Happy New Year- Beginning 2018

I started 2018 a little apprehensive, for some reason I am always scared of change and see the new year as a scary thing. But, 2018 looked promising I had a couple of holidays booked and as ever was overwhelmed with university work but kind of loving it. Yes, I am that person that kind of loves having a lot to do.

2018 brought a lot of change and the first change was leaving my part time job. This was one of the best things I did for my own sanity and stress levels. It also allowed me to focus on my uni work and paid off.

Fast Forward

New Year 2018- Disneyland Paris

If we fast forward to June once all the university work was completed. Me and Matt actually went on a once in a lifetime trip. Ever since I was little I’ve always wanted to go to Disney with my boyfriend/partner/husband. 2018 was the year that dream came true. My parents kindly paid for me and Matt to go to Disney with them for my 21st birthday.

It was perfect every single minute we were there. I cannot even explain how amazing it was to share this trip with Matt. Disney holds a very special place in my heart and is a magical place that always feels like home. If money was no object I would be there as much as I possibly could. So, the fact that we got to spend 5 days in Disney meant the world to me. Me, Matt and my family made so many memories on that trip. I got to live my dream and I’m so thankful to my family for making that come true.


I spent the majority of the summer doing nothing and just enjoying everyday without worrying about any uni work. But the end of summer was amazing. I had my 21st birthday to look forward to and Matt’s sisters hen do and wedding.I’d never been on a hen do before and I was so excited. The hen do itself was in Harrogate and involved a range of activities from drinking to eating and even a surprise trip to Betty’s for afternoon tea. This was a massive achievement for me to go somewhere new and not have Matt with me. I get so anxious when I am around new people and the fact I went to Harrogate and then travelled home alone earlier to get to my birthday party still blows my mind.

New Year- Hen Do

Then it was the big day, not my wedding but my 21st birthday. All I wanted was all my family and friends together in one place. So, I threw an afternoon tea party which is one of my favourite things. It was amazing to have everyone together and just loose track of time. My birthday party was everything I could ever wish for and more from a gorgeous photo booth to party games. Yes I’m 21 but you cannot beat a good pass the parcel but obviously with a little adult twist!

New Year 2018- 21st Birthday Cake

We finished off the summer with Matt’s sisters wedding. The wedding itself was beautiful and I felt honoured to be a part of it. From slippers with my name on and a personalised coat hanger. Not going to lie quite a few tears were shed that day thank the lord for waterproof mascara because my makeup lasted all day through them tears and then a slightly drunk Brooke who thought she owned the dance floor.


2018 was the year my blog grew. I still think of my blog as my little place on the internet and at the end of the day I’m just a born and bred Sheffield lass. It stills seems crazy to me when I get invited to events and 2018 was the year I received my first invite. I honestly thought it was a joke! I attended beauty events and even got to meet Jack & Danni from Love Island! They were my first celebrities that I’ve met and you could say I was quite starstruck to the point where all I could do is awkwardly laugh as Jack talked to me! I know how to embarrass myself.

New Year 2018- Events

I just want to say a big thank you to anyone who supports me whether it is following me on social media, reading my blog or watching my YouTube videos. It is down to you why I have had these amazing opportunities and I’m so grateful. I’ve loved being able to share these opportunities with my friends and even Matt.

Through going to events I’ve met so many other local bloggers and it is so lovely to feel part of the blogging community. I have so many blogging friends online but sometimes it can feel a bit lonely. So, meeting fellow Sheffield bloggers has been amazing and I love seeing them from time to time.

Thank you

But the biggest thank you has to go to you! This is my little place on the internet and having the support that I do, honestly means the world to me. 2018 had it’s ups and downs but it was the year I learnt how to love life no matter what it throws my way. If you fancy seeing what 2019 holds for me then please follow my twitter for regular updates! Or check out my latest post on my 2019 goals!

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